Hi Defender Families,

Just one more sleep! We are really excited to welcome you back. Here is a brief video with some of the Key Information you will need to know. It is also in written format below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

General Reminders Regarding School

Transportation Services Experiencing Delays

Please see the post regarding delays in service which will impact those taking a bus.

Parking Lot and Arrival To School Procedures

There was a separate Newswire informing families of the updates. Please check out the post here.

Remember to do the COVID Screener for Each Child Daily

We will not be verifying the completion of the screener. However, as with all COVID-19 policies, it is a requirement mandated by the Ontario government. The board does not have the power or authority to either ignore or change them. If your child presents with symptoms (e.g. vomits at school), we must follow the recommendations of the screener. Please Visit Here for our board’s latest COVID-19 Updates . There is also some helpful information regarding the safety steps we have taken in a message from our new Director of Education, Tyrone Dowling.

Attendance and Safe Arrival

The school has a “Safe Arrival Program” in cooperation with parents to ensure the safety of students. It is important that a parent/guardian telephone the school (519-621-5211) whenever their child will be late for or absent from class.  The answering machine is available 24/7.  If we are unaware why the child is not at school, we will contact the parent / guardian at home and/or work. We will also try the 3rd Contact you have indicated for your child. If we are still unable to reach an adult to confirm that the child is safe, we will  need to call the police to get their assistance re ensuring the safety of our students.

NOTE: If you need to pick your child up early for any reason, please notify the office in advance so we can support you and have your child ready to go for the time that you arrive.

Allergies and Nut Free Zone

The school is Nut free. This includes alternatives that do not contain nuts, but imitate peanut butter. We also have severe allergies present in the building to Latex and to strong scents (axe body spray, perfumes etc.). Please ensure your children do not come with nut products, a balloon or strong perfumes.

Birthday Treats? Save them for home please.

We are returning to ensuring no treats are distributed in class to maintain the health and safety of all students. When a product comes in that the school did not provide, it makes it impossible to avoid allergies and keep everyone safe.

No Pets on School Property During Arrival and Dismissal

If you would like to walk your children to school with your pet, please ensure you remain on city property such as the front sidewalk and say goodbye to your children from there.

Student Code of Conduct

We have received our Primary Agendas for grades 1 to 3, but we are still waiting on the arrival of our Junior and Intermediate Agendas. The agendas contain much of this information. We also have a digital version where you can see our updated policies online.

This Week at a Glance:

Monday September 5th

  • Community Painting of Family Meet-Up Zone. All are welcome to meet in the parking lot at 2PM for the fun today.

Tuesday September 6th

  • First Day of School!
  • Scheduled JK Visits
  • Remember to complete all School Cash Online Forms
  • Remember to speak to your child’s teacher at drop off if there are any new urgent medical concerns the school is not aware of (e.g. new allergy and EpiPen)
  • Remember to decide upon a pick up location (New Family Meet-Up Zone for younger students, Avenue Road Stop and Pick Up or Back Parking Lot)
    • We strongly recommend you park on a nearby street and walk to school. The front lot will be closed and it will be the easiest way to navigate the construction.

Wednesday September 7th

  • Defender Spirit Wear Day: Dress in Red, Black and Grey Or wear your Spirit Wear!
  • SK Students Attend

Thursday September 8th

  • Remember Communication is Key! If we are not aware of a challenge your child is experiencing, we cannot partner with you to support them. Please let us know if something has come up in the first few days and we can work together to finish the week strong!
  • SK students attend and 1/2 of JKs

Friday September 9th

  • We made it! Happy Friday!
  • SK students attend and other 1/2 of JKs

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday Sept 12 – All JK and SKs attend

Thursday Sept  22 – Meet the Teacher Open House and Community BBQ

Tuesday Sept 27 – First CSAC (Catholic School Advisory Council) Meeting at 6PM at Saint Peter. All are welcome!

Wednesday Sept 28 – Rowan’s Law Day for Concussion Awareness (Wear Purple)

Friday Sept 30 – Every Child Matters (Wear Orange)

Friday Sept 30 – Umbrella Assembly at 8:45 AM.

Monday Oct 10 – Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday Oct 24 – P.A. Day No School

Monday Oct 31 – Happy Halloween

Sunday Nov 6 – ‘Fall back’ Daylight Savings Time Ends

Friday Nov 11 – Remembrance Day

Monday Nov 21 to 25 – Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Monday Nov 21  – Progress Reports Go Home

Thursday Nov 24 – Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Friday Dec 23 – Last Day of School before Winter Break

Saturday Dec 24 – Christmas Eve

Sunday Dec 25 – Christmas Day

Monday Dec 26 – Boxing Day

Sunday Jan 1 – New Year’s Day

Monday Jan 9 – First Day of School in 2023

Friday Jan 20 – P.A. Day

Thursday Feb 2 – Groundhog Day

Tuesday Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day

Friday Feb 17 – Term 1 Report Cards Go Home

Monday Feb 20 – Family Day Holiday

Tuesday Feb 21 – Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday Feb 22 – Ash Wednesday

March 13-17 – March Break

Friday March 31 – P.A. Day

Thursday April 6 – Holy Thursday

Friday April 7 – Good Friday

Monday April 10 – Easter Monday

Friday April 21 – P.A. Day

May 1-5 – Catholic Education Week

Sunday May 14 – Mother’s Day

Monday May 22 – Victoria Day

Friday June 2 – PA Day

Sunday June 18 – Father’s Day

Wednesday June 21 – National Indigenous People’s Day

Monday June 27 – Term 2 Report Cards Go Home

Wednesday June 29 – Last Day of School