Hi Defender Families:

Check Out this brief video outlining the changes that have occurred based on the local construction and parking lot updates. More information was sent out through Cashonline for first day arrival instructions, and additional information will follow.

If you cannot watch the video, here are the brief list of updates for you to be aware of:

  • There is a new pedestrian walkway along Brooklyne for students and families to travel safely to and from the school.
  • There is no Parking along Brooklyne anywhere the new path exists. You must park further down and walk towards the school or use the back lot.
  • The backlot driveway has been widened and 2 way traffic flow is allowed so cars can enter and exit at the same time.
  • The new walking path for students and families has been diverted away from vehicles
  • The students walk into an area of the Front Lot that we will be our Family Meet-Up Zone. It will be separated by planters, have benches and will be painted. It will be very different from the parking lot and it will be clear this is a gathering place for pedestrians.
    • We would love for you to join us as we paint this area on Monday, September 5th at 2PM. All families and kids are welcome if they want to participate in this creation and have some fun painting as a community.

  • Avenue Road in front of the school is still under construction. 2 Way Traffic is allowed as well as drop off zone in front of the school yard. You are allowed to stop beyond the bus loop to drop your children off and pick them up. During the completion of the construction this will be a challenge to navigate so we will work together to ensure students are able to arrive and leave safely. Younger children are still recommended to be walked to school or use the back lot rather than use the drop off zone along Avenue road.
  • The Front Parking Lot will continue to remain closed to moving traffic during arrival and dismissal. This means that nobody is able to enter or exit the lot between 8:15AM and 8:30AM. The lot is also closed from 2:55PM until 3:10PM. If you enter the lot prior to it closing and wish to leave once the closure has begun, you will need to remain in the lot until it opens again. This prioritizes the safety of our walking students and families.
  • Any questions, please reach out to Mr. Hunt at ej.hunt@wcdsb.ca .