The Week Ahead: April 22 to 26

He is Risen! St. Peter we have so much to celebrate. As an Easter people, we recognize our dignity and value that comes from Christ's sacrifice for us and the joy of serving a living God. The tomb is empty and He has risen, just as He said. Mrs. Schell's Grade 7/8 class put on [...]

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The Week Ahead: April 8 to 12

April Showers Bring... May flowers AND exciting learning opportunities. Our staff and students participated in a Spheros Tech learning session. This builds upon the coding and Math skills the students are learning, and it is a LOT of fun. Our Grade 1/2 class was learning to use 100 charts and number lines to solve math [...]

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The Week Ahead April 1st to April 5th

Catholic School Council Met Last Week It was a great opportunity to meet with our parent partners. We had a staff member from facility services that helped explain to us the process of moving forward with improvements to our Early Learning Play Space as well as updating our asphalt playing surface. He even took some [...]

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The Week Ahead: March 25th to 29th

Healthy Schools Committee Met Last Week  Parents, students, staff and members of the community met last week and worked through the Healthy Schools Certification. Our focus is going to be Mental Health and Wellness with a recognition that improved Mental Health is connected to a focus on increased opportunities for Physical Activity as a school [...]

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The Week Ahead March 18th to 22nd

Welcome Back!  As we continue our Lenten Journey, we are reminded that we travel together as a community. In our own ways as individuals we fast, pray and give without looking for recognition. However, we encourage each other to draw closer to God and celebrate the journey with each other. Before the break, our Grade [...]

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Bring a Plate and Cutlery Tomorrow!

Hi Defender Families, Just a reminder that we are trying to reach Gold Status as an Eco-School and be friendly to the environment. Please send each child with a reusable plate and cutlery tomorrow to reduce our environmental impact. Thank you for your support! Also, please connect with Mrs. Monteiro ( if you would like to [...]

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The Week Ahead March 4th to March 8th

We Begin our Lenten Journey... This week we begin our Lenten Journey on Ash Wednesday. As a community, we will reflect on Wednesday what it means to embrace this part of our faith and accompany one another through this season of reflection. If you would like to know more about Ash Wednesday and Lent so [...]

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The Week Ahead: February 25th to March 1st

Last Week of Ordinary Time This is the last week of Ordinary time before we enter our Lenten Journey on Ash Wednesday. A priest once said that when we have some extra ordinary time, that is exactly what it is...EXTRAORDINARY. We look forward to a wonderful week ahead Defender families with many extraordinary things happening [...]

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Pizza Day Rescheduled for Tomorrow!

Hey Defenders! Our Pizza Day was missed yesterday due to the snowday. Have no fear though...Dominos has our backs and we will be having pizza day on Thursday. If you ordered pizza for yesterday, no need to bring a lunch tomorrow. Stay Safe Out There St. Peter Families!

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