Hi Defender Families,

I am really missing everyone today for our goodbyes, so I put some thoughts into a Video. Have a great Summer!

Mr. Hunt’s Year End Goodbye

End 1

Staffing Update:

We are still in the process of staffing a few positions for the Fall, but we are busy conducting interviews. However, the reason we need to do the staffing is because we have a few members of the team that will be moving on and we have increasing enrolment. We began September 2019 with just over 240 students and we have 272 students enrolled so far! Only 9 of those students are new students for French Immersion, so this resulted in growth in several grades. When all of our staff are hired, we will let everyone know about the amazing and talented team members we have coming aboard later in August when things are finalized.

A Few Good Byes…

Mr. Kapron did an excellent job filling in for Mr. Smart and he will be making learning happen in a wonderful way wherever he goes. We all would have liked him to stay on, and perhaps our paths will cross again. All the best Mr. Kapron!

Ms. Tassone had GIGANTIC shoes to fill when Mrs. Faria retired. She did an incredible job, and we would love to welcome her back as well. Wherever she ends up teaching in the Fall, we know she will be a blessing to the community she is serving in. Best wishes Ms. Tassone!

Mrs. Quigley was not able to join us this year as she was on leave completing a university degree. While we had hoped we could welcome her back, an opportunity at Holy Spirit school opened up and Mrs. Quigley is now able to walk to work. While she will be missed, we cannot blame her for wanting a short, environmentally friendly commute. Enjoy continued success in your journey Mrs. Quigley!

Goodbye 1

Congratulations Graduates!

If you haven’t seen the videos on Twitter yet, please check out our Grade 8 Graduation Video and Kindergarten Graduation Year End Video.

Lastly, a year end message from our Director, Loretta Notten.

Director’s Year End Message

Have a Safe and Happy Summer Defenders!