Hi Everyone,

I know so many of you were disappointed to hear that we were directed to find an alternative to Valentine’s Day Card exchanges. I was equally disappointed and very much understand how much this tradition means to so many of our children. Last year it was a local decision and we found a safe way to make the exchanges happen. Several of you expressed your concerns that we were not allowed to pursue a quarantine strategy and use a local solution like we did last year.

After reviewing some of the feedback from our families with our Superintendent of Education, it was decided that the strategy we employed last year would be an acceptable alternative. So…Valentine Cards are back on! I cannot promise the board will reverse every decision they make that we may disagree with. However, the WCDSB does respect feedback from staff and families, and I appreciate hearing from our families on items they feel strongly about at the school level.  I am grateful we found a solution that works for our staff and families that results in a great day for kids!

So how will it work going forward?

Valentine Cards need to be brought in by Friday, February 11th. This will give them an opportunity to quarantine over the weekend, to be safely exchanged the following week by dropping them into another student’s paper bag in the classroom. The students will then take the bags home and parents can give them out at a time that they deem appropriate.

If you want to bring in treats, they must NOT be homemade, must be individually wrapped, and be Nut-Free.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family.