Hi Defender Families,

You may have read information regarding the Coronavirus that has reached Ontario. The health care team in the province is well-prepared and has highly effective protocols in place.

To learn more about the virus and the containment plan, you can visit the link below and read the letter released by the Ministry of Health to our school communities.

Letter to School Communities From Ministry of Health


It is also wise that we redouble our own efforts to limit the spread of any type of illness in our schools by continuing the regular practice of:

  • good hygiene – washing hands thoroughly and with soap or sanitizer;
  • covering one’s mouth and nose when one sneezes or coughs;
  • staff and students stay home when ill.
  • It is also wise to get a yearly flu vaccine, available from clinics or pharmacies.

Thanks for your continued support in maintaining the health and wellness of our school population Defenders!