Welcome Back Defenders!

We are really excited to have our Defenders back in the building, as well as welcome some new Defender students to the building. At Saint Peter school, we have an incredible Catholic Learning Community of staff and students. We are are looking forward to all the great learning ahead of us. A huge shout out to Mrs. Trowhill and Mr. Korostenski for cleaning the school and ensuring it looks AMAZING.

If you are a parent new to the school or have not had the opportunity to participate before, I invite you to join us at some point in this year’s journey. Whether it is being a Strong Start reading volunteer, helping with our nutrition program or driving for a field trip…we are a better school with our parent partners involved in our kids’ experience. Please contact Mr. Hunt in the office if you would like more information about ways that you can get involved.

Opening Day Reminders

We are excited to receive our students on Tuesday morning. A Cash Online message went to each family informing them of who their teacher was this past weekend so students will know who to look for on the yard. All of our staff will be wearing vests and the classroom teachers will be holding signs with their name so you will be able to recognize and have your children find them. At 8:30 AM we would like students to line up as normal and enter the building with their teacher. Parents are not to enter the building. If you have a concern and need to speak to somebody in the office, please make your way around to the front of the building and visit the office through the front door. Mrs. Ullmann would be happy to help or schedule an appointment to see Mr. Hunt.

Take a Day 1 Selfie!

We are asking our community to take a selfie and use the HashTag #WCDSBFirstDay. Have fun with it!

Staffing Updates

We are excited to welcome some new staff members to our community. On a personal note, as the Principal of the building I feel the most important decisions I can make are around ensuring the best staff are in the building. I can say, with full confidence, I am very excited about the high caliber team members joining Saint Peter. They will add to the quality staff already in the building, and all of our students will benefit.  Ms. Haman, an experienced primary teacher, will be teaching Grade 2/3 as Ms. Luis is working at another school in our district. We wish both of them success in their upcoming year. Mr. Smart, a former Math Coach for the WCDSB, will be teaching grade 4/5. Mrs. Robertson, a highly skilled teacher from St. John’s CES will be teaching grade 7/8 as Mrs. Monteiro is going to be teaching grade 1/2. Ms. Catney will be working with our Early Learning Team during Mrs. Quigley’s absence. Mrs. Quigley is on an Educational Leave and we wish her the best as she continues this pursuit with excellence.  Ms. Scott, our planning time teacher, is now Mrs. MacMillan! We would like to extend our congratulations to her on her recent wedding and wish her a lifetime of joy with her husband.

Parking Lot Updates

We are going to be implementing some changes soon that will ease the traffic burden at the end of the day. For now the parking lot is Status Quo, but there will be adjustments to our pick up and drop off process that will better serve our community and ultimately keep kids safe. More details to follow.

Crossing Guard Shortages

We were informed that there are currently crossing guard shortages. Please be aware that there will not be an adult crossing guard at the following locations, due to staff vacancies:

  • Avenue Road @ Hespeler Road
  • The Delta

School Theme For The Year: Use an Umbrella ~ Fill Someone’s Bucket

Please speak with your children about the Umbrella Project and our Bucket-Filling Spirit Meter. It is going to be a great year of learning and community building and I am confident that we will become a closer school family filled with students who have developed ‘Umbrella skills.’ We have an opening assembly to launch this taking place Wednesday, September 4th at 10 AM. We love partnering with parents, so if you are curious about what this is all about, you are more than welcome to attend. Also, please know there will be no classes leading this so you will not see any students demonstrating their skills (it is only day 2 🙂 ), but parents are always welcome to attend school assemblies.

For more information on the Umbrella project, please visit:


Further Newswire Communication:

All families are busy and I strive to ensure you have the right information in a succinct way. This coming week and as needed I will put out additional Newswires through the week. However, I will try to keep the updates you need to Sunday evening so you are able to look at the week ahead in a single snap shot.

Monday, September 2nd

  • Labour Day (No School Today)

Tuesday, September 3rd

  • Supervision on the yard begins at 8:15AM

Wednesday, September 4th

  • Opening Assembly at 10AM in the Gym. All are Welcome if you are curious about the Umbrella Project!
  • Spirit Wear Day: Wear Red, Black and Grey and any Saint Peter Gear you have.

Thursday, September 5th

  • Think about what Clubs and Teams You Want To Be Involved With
  • More information being released about updated policies (too much for one Newswire 🙂 )

Friday, September 6th

  • First week is complete!

Looking Beyond This Week…

  • First Day of School for 2019/20 (September 3rd)
  • Opening School Mass at St. Patrick’s church (September 10th @ 1PM)
    • NEW PRIEST Father Ross Campbell. He is very welcoming and would love to see our school and families out to the church. If you are able to make it, we would love for you to join us.
  • Meet the Teacher Community BBQ (Monday, September 16th 5 to 7 PM)
  • P.A. Day (September 20th)
  • Safety Drill Week: Fire Drills, Lockdown and Tornado Drill (Week of September 23rd)
  • First Parent Council Meeting (6:30PM September 24th) All are Welcome!
  • Rosary Liturgy at Saint Peter School (November 26th at 9AM)