The Learning Continues…

It was a fantastic week of learning and we are really excited for all that is to come. Here are some images of the things that were happening this week during some of my walks through the school…

Mr. Smart’s Class was having a great time developing team work skills in gym!

Mrs. Haman’s Class was having a conversation about the Umbrella Project and later in the week Officer Geoff stopped by to say hello to all of our students. We are so grateful he comes by and works with our students even when there are no emergencies. He is a great community helper.

Mrs. Monteiro’s class was having fun with some literacy centres. Great work being done on the carpet and in the desks!

Mrs. MacMillan was in Mr. Harnack’s class and the students were sharing about themselves to the beat of a drum!

A group from Mrs. Farrow’s class were working on Fine Motor skills as they coloured and completed a story about a cat!

Mrs. Faria was working with her students on identifying all the parts of the face and what purpose each part had. Great participation by her class!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. LeDrew’s classes were working hard in their Math Block.

Plus we all got to attend mass as a school family on Tuesday.

Meet the Teacher BBQ is Tomorrow!

We are really excited to see everyone come out to the school and meet each of our teachers. The cost for a combo is $6.00 and it includes your meat (Hotdog, Hamburger or Veggie Dog) a drink and some chips. Back by popular demand, the Ice Cream truck has been booked as well! At the time when I drafted this reminder, the current 36 hour forecast is below and we should be able to avoid rain. However, if it does rain, we can have some community time in the gym. Teachers will be in their classes from 5 to 6 PM and the food vendors will be onsite serving food from 5 to 7 PM. We hope to see everyone there!

Twilight Retreat for Parents/Guardians

Sometimes you hear about all the great things happening at school and you wonder if there is ever an opportunity for you to join in. This retreat opportunity is specifically for parents! Our Board’s theme for this year is: Called to Belong!  The experience will be facilitated by Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, C.R., the Spiritual Animator for the Board.  Come and discover more about the spiritual journey upon which our staff and students have embarked.  All are welcome to come and learn and pray around the awesome mystery of God’s universal love!

You may join us at the location that is most convenient to you.  All retreats begin at 7:00 p.m. and are 2 hours in length. Please sign up at this link:

Called to Belong Sign Up Link

Light Refreshments will be served.

Cambridge – Wednesday September 25th –  St. Mary of the Visitation Parish (16 Cooper St, Cambridge, ON)

Waterloo –  Thursday September 26th – St. Michael Parish (80 University Ave W, Waterloo)

Kitchener – Wednesday October 9th – St. Anthony Daniel Parish (29 Midland Dr, Kitchener, ON)

Terry Fox Run is Next Week

On Thursday September 26, 2019 students in Kindergarten to Grade Eight will be taking part in the Terry Fox National School Walk Day (rain date Fri. Sept. 27). Kindergarten students will be staying on St. Peter’s property, Grades 1-8 will be completing a community walk. More details about what to wear and how to support can be found in the link below:

Terry Fox

Start-Up Reminders

We appreciate all the families that have completed their start-up packages through Cash-Online. However, we are still missing a few. Please take a moment to ensure you have completed one for each of your children. Thanks to those who have reported glitches. We are continuing to work with our I.T. staff to make things right.

Updated Policies

Please check out the following 3 links that are helpful in understanding the expectations we have for all of our students in the Saint Peter community.

School Agenda Insert Saint Peter 2019: This contains the code of conduct as well as key dates and links to educational websites your child may be visiting.

Greenslip Behavioural Support System: This describes the new school wide behaviour support system and communication system so everyone will be kept in the loop and we can partner together to support all of our students to make positive choices.

BYOD Saint Peter Policy 2019-20: A paper copy went home to all students who wish to bring a device to Saint Peter in grades 4 to 8. Please discuss this agreement with your child, as it is important that school, parent and child are on the same page. If your child wishes to bring a device, they must understand and agree to follow this policy. If you do not feel your child is old enough or mature enough to understand and uphold this agreement, we fully support you in having your child leave their device at home or not possessing one at all. We have enough chrome books at school to ensure equitable access and no student will ever be left out. This policy also aligns with the current direction coming from the Ministry of Education, as the devices should only be used for educational purposes at the direction of the classroom teacher (Unless there is a medical or special education exemption).

Monday, September 16th

  • Remember to Complete and Return Start Up Packages
  • Junior Co-Ed Soccer Practice at Lunch

Tuesday, September 17th

  • Junior Co-Ed Soccer Practice at Lunch

Wednesday, September 18th

  • Spirit Wear Day: Wear Red, Black and Grey and any Saint Peter Gear you have.
  • Junior Soccer Practice at Lunch

Thursday, September 19th

  • WE Day Trip
  • Junior Co-Ed Soccer Practice at Lunch

Friday, September 20th


Looking Beyond This Week…

  • Safety Drill Week: Fire Drills, Lockdown and Tornado Drill (Week of September 23rd)
  • First Parent Council Meeting (6:30PM September 24th) All are Welcome!
  • Terry Fox Run (September 26th)
  • Junior Co-Ed Soccer Tournament (September 26th)
  • MADD Intermediate Presentation (September 27th)
  • Umbrella Assembly at 2:00PM-Focus is Gratitude Led by Mrs. Schell’s Class (September 30th)
  • Grade 7 Confirmation Retreat (October 2nd and 3rd)
  • Picture Day (October 10th)
  • Grade 4 Bible Presentation with Father Ross (October 10th)
  • Thanksgiving: No School (October 14th)
  • Intermediate First Aid and CPR Training (October 15th)
  • Thanksgiving Liturgy at 8:30 AM-Led by Mrs. Schell’s Class (October 16th)
  • Federal Election: Saint Peter is a Polling Station (October 21st)
  • P.A. Day: No School for Students (October 25th)
  • Umbrella Assembly at 10:00 AM-Focus is Grit Led by Mrs. Schell’s and Mrs. Farrow’s Classes (October 28th)
  • Grade 3s at Safety Village (October 29th)
  • Grade 7 Immunizations (October 31st)
  • Happy Halloween (October 31st)
  • All Saints Day (November 1st)
  • Progress Reports Go Home (November 5th)
  • Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences (November 7th)
  • Remembrance Day Liturgy @ 10:45AM -Led by Mrs. MacMillan and Mrs. Harrington’s Students (November 11th)
  • P.A. Day: No School for Students (November 15th)
  • Rosary Liturgy at Saint Peter School -Led by Mr. Smart’s Class (November 26th at 9AM)
  • Umbrella Assembly @ 12:15PM -Focus is Self-Compassion Led by Mrs. Faria’s and Mrs. LeDrew’s Classes (December 2nd)
  • Grade 5 Students go to the Safety Village (December 3rd)
  • P.A. Day : No School for Students (December 6th)
  • Advent Mass Led by Mrs. Petro’s Class at 8:45AM at School with Father Ross (December 12th)
  • Umbrella Assembly @ 8:40AM -Focus is Resilience – Led by Mrs. Haman and Mrs. Harrington (December 16th)
  • Christmas Vacation Begins (December 21st)