Belonging Week is Upon Us…

One of the things guests and visitors regularly tell us is how welcome they feel and how kind our students are when they visit. Even the best of us still need a reminder about our responsibility to ensure everyone feels like they belong. This week our staff and students will be focused on ensuring everyone remembers how valuable they are for who they are and how important each person is to our community.

Spirit Wear

Our Spirit Wear is ready for sale. The deadline to purchase is November 25th to ensure the Spirit Wear can be delivered before our Christmas Break so our families can place the items under the tree as gifts if they desire. We have several options and everything is purchased through the vendor’s website. Please click on the link to see the flyer and instructions for purchasing.


St. Peters 2019 Spirit Wear

The website to order is :


Popcorn Thursdays Continuing This Week

Our grade 8s will selling Popcorn for $1 each Thursday to raise some funds for their graduation. The idea is that the grade 8s take a leadership role in this, so the sales will be cash only and will take place weekly on Thursdays. If you happen to send your child with a dollar, they can enjoy popcorn. If not, they can always enjoy another week. We will be selling the popcorn weekly until Christmas. If it remains popular, we may continue throughout the winter and into the Spring. It will definitely be delicious while it lasts!

Popcorn Thursdays

Milk Program Has a New Provider

If you are interested in having your child receive milk at school, please click on the flyer below for ordering instructions from Lunch Box.

Milk Orders

Donate Your Extra Halloween Candy. LAST DAY TO BRING IN CANDY IS MONDAY!

“Canadian Food for Children” have dropped off their buckets again for the candy donations. These candies are mixed with food to entice starving children in third world countries to eat. Thank you for bringing in your extra!

Monday, November 18th 

  • Belonging Week: A Peaceful Community
  • P.A.L.S. at Lunch
  • Last Day to Donate Excess Halloween Candy

Tuesday, November 19th

  • Belonging Week: An Inclusive Community
  • Study Hall at Lunch
  • Pizza Day
  • P.A.L.S. at first recess

Wednesday, November 20th

  • Belonging Week: A Respectful Community
  • Study Hall At Lunch
  • P.A.L.S. at first recess

Thursday, November 21st

  • Belonging Week: A Community of Kindness
  • Catholic Parent Advisory Council
    • Fundraising Sub-Committee Tonight. Contact Bree Almeida for details if you would like to be involved.
  • Study Hall at Lunch
  • Grade 7 Parents: Confirmation Registration DUE to St. Patrick’s Parish. 
  • Grade 8 Popcorn sales at Lunch ($1/bag, cash only, sold weekly on Thursdays)
  • P.A.L.S. at first recess

Friday, November 22nd

  • Belonging Week: A Community that Builds Relationships
  • Confirmation Masses this weekend at Saint Patrick’s Parish.
  • Monday Nov. 25th is the last day to purchase Spirit Wear and Guarantee Delivery before Christmas.

Looking Beyond This Week…

  • Last Day to Purchase Spirit Wear (November 25th)
  • Rosary Liturgy at Saint Peter School -Led by Mr. Smart’s Class (November 26th at 9AM)
  • Umbrella Assembly @ 12:15PM -Focus is Self-Compassion Led by Mrs. Faria’s and Mrs. LeDrew’s Classes (December 2nd)
  • Grade 5 Students go to the Safety Village (December 3rd)
  • P.A. Day : No School for Students (December 6th)
  • Advent Mass Led by Mrs. Petro’s Class at 8:45AM at School with Father Ross (December 12th)
  • Umbrella Assembly @ 8:40AM -Focus is Resilience – Led by Mrs. Haman and Mrs. Harrington (December 16th)
  • Christmas Sweater Day (December 17th)
  • Sparkle and Shine Day (December 18th)
  • Christmas Concert Performance #1 (December 17th in the AM in the Saint Peter Gym)
    • Parents with last names beginning with the letter A until K should attend this time block.
  • Christmas Concert Performance #2 (December 17th in the PM in the Saint Peter Gym)
    • Parents with last names beginning with the letter L until Z should attend this time block.
  • Wear Red Day (December 18th)
  • Wear Green Day (December 19th)
  • Community Turkey Lunch (December 19th)
    • Students can bring in $2 to help with the costs of the meal. BUT anyone who forgets or is not able to bring in their money will still be eating. We want everyone to be there to celebrate together.
  • Dress Like Christmas! (December 20th)
  • Christmas Vacation Begins (December 21st)
  • First Day Back at School in 2020 (January 6th)
  • Teaching Mass for grades 5 and 6 at St. Patrick’s Parish (January 8th)
    • We would LOVE to see as many parents as possible of grade 5 and 6 students attend with your children!
  • Comfy Clothes Day (January 9th)
  • Grade 7 Immunizations (January 9th)
  • University of Waterloo Child Cognition Lab (January 10th)
  • Mount Mary Retreat (January 15th to 17th)
  • P.A. Day (January 25th)
  • Mindfulness Umbrella Assembly: Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Monteiro’s classes leading (10 AM on January 27th)
  • Report Cards Go Home (February 13th)
  • Grade 7 Swim to Survive (February 13th)
  • Family Day (February 17th)
  • Autonomy Umbrella Assembly: Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Smart’s classes leading (12:15PM February 24th)