Defender Families:

Lots of fun activities planned for this week as we head into Family Day Weekend. We have so much to celebrate as a school family, and we are glad each of you are a part of it.

Valentine’s Update

Some families who were not able to meet the deadline for the quarantine date have reached out and asked if their children can participate in Monday’s activities. This is the latest response from the Assistant Medical Officer of Health at Waterloo Region Public Health:

“Given what we know about low risk from fomite transmission I think it’s ok to allow this. Would recommend they encourage good practices such as washing hands before and after touching/handling anything that is given to them by someone else. Also the delivery methods should include proper IPAC protocols like distancing/masking so students are not coming into close contact with each other.”

Since this does not specifically outline a quarantine requirement, we will ensure all classes continue to practice excellent hand hygiene, masking and physical distancing (Our Big 3). We invite all families to participate in Valentine’s Day if that is important to you and you missed Friday’s deadline. Valentine’s Day is about reminding everyone how special they are and how much each of us matters to each other. Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like being included. All are invited to participate.

Please Remember to Screen Your Child and Complete the Confirmation Of Screening Page

We are doing a confirmation of screening process daily, so please email your classroom teacher or write a note in the agenda if you lost the paper screening confirmation tool. Remember to follow the screening all the way to the end as it will provide details around who else may need to isolate if your child does not pass the screening or how soon they can return if their symptoms improve. Each situation is unique, so please continue to use the screening.

Winter Walk to School Day February 16th

Walking and wheeling to and from school is great for the environment and it’s fun even in the winter. Winter Walk Day is for everyone and all students can participate! Bussed students can walk to their bus stop. Out of bounds students can walk from a few blocks away. Online learners can walk at home and register as an individual student.

Each student can register to win an Indigo Gift Card for your participation! Register at this link:

Pizza Fundraiser

We received feedback from our last Dominoes fundraiser that parents did not want pizza day at school and the evening fundraiser to be on the same day. Dominoes was responsive and they have moved our night to Thursday Evenings! Our school has been assigned the month of February, so each Thursday this month when you purchase a Large 3-topping pizza from Dominoes, $5 goes to our school. Remember to order online and use the code SGIVE.

Registration is now Open!

If you have any children who will be attending JK next year, it is the time to begin the registration process. To register visit

Report Cards Go Home Thursday

Term one report cards will be sent home Thursday, February 17th. These reports are the assessment and evidence of learning collected and documented from September until now through all of our in person learning and remote learning. Letter grades are given for students in grades 1-6 and percentage marks are given for students in grades 7-8. Teacher comments focus on your child’s strengths and next steps for learning improvement. Kindergarten students will also receive their term one Kindergarten Communication of Learning highlighting key learning and next steps in learning. If your child has an Individual Education Plan, the IEP will be sent home along with the term one report card. Although formal interviews occurred in November, please feel free to connect with your child’s teacher if you have concerns or questions about your child’s progress.

This Week at a Glance:

Monday Feb 14

  • Remember to sign the paper copy of the confirmation of screening.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day

Tuesday Feb 15

  • Pizza Day Today

Wednesday Feb 16

  • Defender Day! Wear Red and Black or any Spirit Wear you have.
  • Winter Walk to School Day. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Thursday Feb 17

  • Popcorn Thursdays. $1.50 per bag. Send Cash with your child if they are interested in enjoying this snack. All proceeds support Grade 8 Mount Mary Trip and Graduation
  • Pizza Fundraiser Night! Make it a pizza night from Dominoes and help raise money for our school.

Friday Feb 18

  • Olympic Spirit Day! Games in the Afternoon organized by Mrs. Smith’s and Mrs. Robertson’s classes for JK to grade 6. Lots of fun ahead.
  • Pom-Pom Spirit Reward Day. Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows for each student in the school!

Reminder Monday is Family Day. No School for Staff or Students.

Important Upcoming Dates

February 21 – Family Day

March 2 – Ash Wednesday

March 14-18 March Break

March 31 –First Reconciliation at 6PM at St. Patrick’s Parish

April 8 – PA Day

April 15 – Good Friday

April 18 – Easter Monday

April 28th –Confirmation at 7PM at St. Patrick’s Parish

May 1 –First Communion at 2PM at St. Patrick’s Parish

May 2-6 Catholic Education Week

May 23 -Victoria Day

June 3 – PA Day

June 27 -Term 2 Report Card Distribution Date

June 29 -Last Day of School