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A regular monthly newsletter will be sent home from the office via Newswire for the rest of the year. It contains important dates and information about Saint Peter School. (If you would prefer a paper copy, please call the office at 519-621-5211 to request a paper copy sent home every month.)

Saint Peter Staff 2018 – 2019

FDK—Mrs. Farrow

FDK—Mrs. Faria

Gr. 1 —Mrs. Petro

Gr. 1/2—Mrs. Coughlan

Gr. 2/3—Mr. Harnack

Gr. 3—Miss Luis

Gr. 4—Mr. Gallipeau

Gr. 4/5 – Mrs. Hall

Gr. 5/6—Ms. LeDrew

Gr. 5/6—Mrs. Smith

Gr. 7/8—Mrs. Schell

Gr. 7/8 – Mr. Syme

Special Ed. – Mrs. Van Trigt

French – Mme. Harrington

Planning – Ms. Scott

E.C.E. – Mrs. Cabral

E.C.E. – Mrs. Quigley

E.C.E. – Mrs. Zammit

E.A. – Mrs. Cameron

E.A. – Ms. Sonyi

E.A. – Mrs. Higgins

E.A. – Ms. Bell

E.A. – Mrs. Soares

CYCW – Ms. Welsh

Library – Mrs. Maidment

Custodian – Mrs. Trowhill

Night Custodian – Mr. Korostenski

LHS – Mrs.  Oliviera

LHS – Mrs. Rannie

LHS – Mrs. Papalia

Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Ullmann

Principal – Mrs. Curtis

Dear Families and Friends of St. Peter’s,

Welcome to a new year of learning together! I hope you’ve had a restful and happy summer, with time to enjoy one another. Our entire staff extends a special welcome to all families, and staff members who are new to our Saint Peter Catholic School Community this year. We hope you will feel very much “at home” here soon.

It is our goal to continue to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe learning environment in which our students build persistence, resilience and learn to work to the best of their ability in mutual respect and trust. We pride ourselves on being a school with a big heart. We have learned through the many comments we have received, that the way in which we uphold each person as an individual, but work together genuinely as a team, is important to our parents, our students, our staff and our parish community. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the whole child – intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We are committed to helping all students develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and values necessary to strive for academic excellence in all areas of the curriculum and to become self-disciplined, life-long learners. We want to maintain and enhance support programs and partnerships between home, St. Peter School, St. Patrick Church, the community and among staff members.

Again, it is my privilege and my pleasure to serve as principal at St. Peter Catholic School. I am looking forward, with great enthusiasm, to a great year!

Warmest regards,

Debra Curtis


If your child is going to be absent from school it is important that you phone the school voice mail (519-621-5211) and leave your name, your child’s name, the teacher’s name, and the reason for absence. The voicemail is open 24 hours a day. If we are not informed, we will call all the adult contacts provided as we are concerned about each child’s safety. If we are unable to make contact about the whereabouts of your child, police may be called in accordance with School Board Policy.


All students are expected to be on time for school and to make plans around school hours. We begin our day at 8:30 am and attendance is taken each morning and each afternoon at 12:15 pm (lunch ends). Students who arrive late will report to the office and their time and reason for being late will be recorded

Student Agendas

All students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 will receive an agenda on September 4, 2018,  from their teacher. We are asking each family to make a $3.00 contribution for the agendas to help defray the cost. We wish to thank the St. Peter Catholic School Council for agreeing to cover the remaining cost. Agendas are a great way of keeping up to date with homework assignments or communicating with your child’s teacher. Please look at them daily. On the front page of the agenda you will find a Commitment to Learning form. Please review the contents of the school handbook in the front of the agenda together with your child.

Meet the Teacher BBQ

Please join us on Thursday, September 20, as the St. Peter Catholic School Council will be hosting a Meet the Teacher BBQ Night. Please join us as we come together to meet the school staff and each other. Remember Me Catering will offer a combo package that includes a hot dog, veggie hot dog or hamburger, pop or water and chips at the reasonable cost. An ice cream truck will arrive on site about 6:15pm for those who would like a special iced treat.  Classrooms will be open for visits, and teachers will be in their classrooms starting at 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to meet parents and informally discuss curriculum expectations.  There will be a scavenger hunt for students and parents.

At 6:30 p.m. classrooms will be closed and everyone will be invited outside. It promises to be another great night for all.


Students are supervised throughout the day both inside and out on the yard.  Students should not be in any area of the school unsupervised. Supervision at the end of the day consists of staff ensuring students begin their journey home.  If a student does not make their regular after school connections, they should come to the school office for assistance.
Please note that the school provides supervision outside in the school yard beginning at 8:15 a.m. each morning. We ask that students do not arrive prior to supervision beginning in the school yard.  If there is inclement weather, students will be invited in to the school beginning at 8:15 am.Supervision

Medical Conditions & Life-Threatening Allergies 

St. Peter’s has been declared a “Nut Safe Environment”, which means peanuts, nuts and their by-products are banned from the school. We have instituted this policy to protect our children who have severe life-threatening allergies. Any parents who has a child with a life threatening allergy or other medical concerns/conditions will be expected to follow these guidelines set out by the WCDSB.

  1. Complete the necessary paperwork associated with life threatening allergies.
  2. Provide 2 Epipens. One to be in the child’s environment at all times and one for the Office.
  3. A medic alert bracelet worn by the child at all times.
  4. A picture of your child will be displayed in the staff room, classroom and carried by each teacher on yard duty.

In early September, a letter will be sent to the parents of all children who share a classroom with a child who has a life-threatening allergy. In the letter the requirements for this particular classroom will be outlined to all parents and children. The parents will be asked to sign the letter and return it to this child’s teacher as an indicator that they have been informed of the allergy(ies).


We ask that all parents exercise great care and caution when driving their children to school. Please, always slow down and be aware of students walking to school. Also, we ask that you take into consideration the following reminders: In the morning and at lunch many parents drop their children off at school. If you plan to do this, we ask that you :

(a) Drop your children off as close to the end of the driveway as possible (near library).

(b) If possible, pull to the right hand side and drop them off at the curb.

(c) Have the children prepared with their belongings. This way they can get out of the car quickly, allowing the next car to pull up.

If you are dropping off your children in the back parking lot, we ask that you:

(a) Follow the yellow arrows and drive in one direction only.

(b) Pull right in front of the walkway and drop your children off next to the wooden posts.

(c) Have the children prepared with their belongings. This way they can get out of the car quickly, allowing the next car to pull up. In the evening, you may park in both lots if you are waiting for your children. Also, if you are parking on the roads near the school, please observe the No Parking Signs. We also ask that you do not park in the neighbours’ driveways. Please note that there are parking spaces in the parking lot for people to use that go empty each day. The school staff does not have the time to enforce the parking by-laws and if tickets are issued by the by-law officers the school will not take responsibility for the tickets. Please inform your children where you will be parked and ask them to meet you or wait for them outside their exit doors and walk them to your car. This way we ensure a safe driveway in case of an emergency.


Students who are eligible for bus transportation should have been contacted by the bus company.   If not, please contact them at :

Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region website (

Regular bus students are expected to display exemplary behaviour at all times. Students will practice bus safety and bus evacuation procedures.

This is a reminder for those students who take a bus. If you miss the bus at the end of the day, please stay at school and report to the office. Do not leave the school or try to walk home. The school will contact your parents and make arrangements.

School Council

Please consider seeking a position on our Catholic School Council. I invite you to either volunteer to run for a position or nominate an individual for the Council. Please complete the forms that came home during this week and return to the attention of D. Curtis, Principal, in a sealed envelope.  I wish to thank you for your time and consideration. Our first School Council meeting will be held on September 26, 2015 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at St. Peter School in the library.

Please come and bring a friend.

Volunteers Wanted

We at St. Peter ‘s offer many different types of opportunities for volunteering. It gives all interested parents a chance to become involved.

Strong Start (Letters, Sounds and Words Program) This is a 10 week early reading intervention program where trained volunteers work one on one with SK and Grade 1 students to help them understand letters, sounds and some initial words in print. If you are interested in volunteering in any of the above capacities, please call the office at 519-621–5211 and leave your name and phone number.

BINGO workers—After a 2 hour training session, parents will be put on a list of volunteers who are willing to work at the Cambridge Bingo Centre during St Peters scheduled times. Shifts are 2 1/2 hours long. If you are interested, please contact the school to find out the training dates available.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Parent Teacher Communication

If you are concerned about your child’s program or progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to arrange an appointment. We believe that effective communication between the home and the school is vital to ensure a productive learning experience. Call 519-621-5211

The agenda is another very important link    between home and school. Students will be encouraged to have their agenda signed by a parent every evening and it will be checked by their teacher every day. Notes from home regarding future absences or appointments can be written in the agenda in the agenda as well.


For safety reasons, children are prohibited from bringing any form of medication to school without prior approval from the office. If medication is determined to be necessary, there is a WCDSB form that must be filled out by parents to indicate that the medication must be taken during school hours. The medication must be in the original container and be clearly labeled with the child’s name and directions.

A Food Free Yard

To help support healthy living, students at St. Peter’s Catholic School will again be encouraged to eat healthy snacks, at appropriate times, while in class. The Nutrition for Learning Snack Bin program will continue to run every day of the week. This program positively affects eating healthy snacks at school and perhaps at home.

Lunch Procedures

If a student usually stays for lunch and he/she plans to leave the school for lunch, the school needs to be notified of this, in writing, with the date, and the parents signature.  We are required to keep these notes of permission in case of an accident or incident. Please write your child’s teacher a note in your child’s agenda indicating that they will not be at school for lunch. Please note that the school does not assume responsibility for children who go out to lunch at local restaurants. Students who are eating outside of the school should not be bringing food back to the school.

Personal Property and Devices

We discourage students from bringing valuables, money, toys, or cards to school. Often these are lost, stolen or broken. The school does not assume responsibility for any lost items or damage to valuable items. If you deem it necessary that your son/daughter carry electronics for emergencies (e.g. phone) they must be out of sight and stored in a backpack, locker or in a location specified by the teacher during regular school hours. Students are not to carry electronics on their person (e.g. pants or shirt pocket, belt etc.). At the discretion of the classroom teacher, electronics may be used to support student learning.  Under no circumstances should electronics be used on the school yard. Police have shared that the ease at which pictures and text messages can be passed has compromised the safety and wellbeing of many young children in our community. Violation of the above will lead to holding the equipment at the office. In an emergency, parents may contact the student through the office. At St. Peter we know that technology will be a necessary tool for learning in the 21st Century and as a staff we are committed to exploring safe and effective ways of making this happen.  We also expect students and parents to use technology ethically as responsible digital citizens.

Positive School Culture

The staff of St. Peter Catholic School strive to make our school a safe environment in which your child can learn and interact with others. The staff will make each student aware of the school rules and expectations as well as the consequences for misbehaviour. In the school yard, the teachers will do their best to deal with misbehaviour/conflict on the spot using “Tools for Life” which is a program that empowers children to build healthy relationships using common language and a common set of tools. Our goal is to help students resolve conflicts appropriately. For repetitive or more serious incidents an “Incident and Reflection Form” may be sent home. The purpose of issuing an “Incident Form” is to provide the student with the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour as well as inform the parents of an incident. We ask that parents discuss an “Incident Form” with their child to help him/her understand school expectations. Your co-operation and support is greatly appreciated with this procedure.

There are many opportunities for students to have their gifts, talents, and hard work rewarded in each class.  Each month, a quality highlighted in the Catholic Graduate Expectations, is emphasized and a student from each class is awarded a ‘Student of the Month” certificate and lanyard.

Every Friday, “St. Peter Pride Awards” are given out, along with a school spirit item, to students, for a variety of reasons including kind and exemplary behaviour or work effort.