Defender Families:

Is Cabin Fever getting to you? Are you in need of some fun that does NOT involve logging into Google Classroom? How about a chance to win a Pandemic Prize Pack worth over $75? How about a chance to win TWENTY OF THEM! You read that correctly. Our community partners recognize the stress that distance learning has put on you and your family and they have stepped up to support us once again. They appreciate the efforts our school community is making to save lives and flatten the curve…all while trying to balance working from home and supporting our kids. We understand how difficult it has been so our staff, community partners and your Saint Peter Catholic Parent Advisory Council have teamed up to add a little fun to the experience and bring our community together while we are apart.

Each week we will let you know the next week’s challenge, as well as who the winners were the previous week. Each week the contest will close at Noon on the Friday of that week.


As we are stuck at home, those ‘To-Do’ projects are staring at us. Maybe it is a Toy Room that needs to be cleaned up? Maybe it is a flower bed that needs some weeds pulled? A stack of dishes in a Kitchen Disaster transformed into a Sparkling Clean space. Whatever you decide to tackle as a family, show us a before and after pic or video that shows what you have accomplished as a family. Most important, have fun while you do it!


PLAN your idea! Each week the contest will require you to co-ordinate with all the people in your household. Make sure everyone has a role and is included.

PARTICIPATE with enthusiasm! A winner from each division will be drawn at random based on the families that participate. We aren’t looking for perfection. We want people to have fun with this!

POST your Creation! We are hoping we can have all of the entries into the contest posted on twitter using the hashtag #DefenderFamilyContest . If you do not feel comfortable posting your picture or video on twitter, than you can enter as a family by emailing your picture or video to . Be sure to let us know if you do not want it posted on Newswire.

What Do You Win? Each Pandemic Prize Pack Contains:

  • Domino’s Pizza Gift Certificate for Large 3 Topping Pizza
  • $25 Amazon Gift Certificate
  • $25 Skip The Dishes Gift Certificate
  • Variety of Healthy Snacks
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap
  • Toilet Paper & Paper Towel


PLUS The prizes will be delivered in person by some Saint Peter Staff Members and dropped off in a responsible way that respects physical distancing!

We hope everyone participates in the fun, relieves some stress and has a chance to be connected again to each other outside of online academics. Looking forward to the first week of fun!