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Pepperstix are here!

Pepperstix have arrived and the orders have been sorted and sent to classes to distribute to students.

Students will be bringing them home today.

If there are any errors in the orders, (and we apologize in advance), please contact the school as soon as possible so that we can fix things up for you.

We awarded the three $50.00 gift certificates for the highest sellers today.

Congratulations to Abby H. in Gr. 2/3 who sold $838.00, Serenity S. in SK who sold $718.00 and Ava W. in Gr.5/6 who sold $634.00 worth of Pepperstix.

Thanks to Mrs. Smith as well who sold $670.00 worth of Pepperstix.

Thank you to all staff, parents and students who worked so hard to make this a successful fundraiser.

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