Important Dates in November

Nov. 5 – 15 – Sock It Me – send in a pair of new socks, tooth brushes and tooth paste for the homeless

Nov. 6 – Progress Reports go home

Nov. 7 and 8 – Parent Teacher Interviews (Scheduled through the Office)

Nov. 14 –Photo re-takes (pm)

Nov 15 – Mass @ St. Patrick’s @ 10:00 am

Nov. 16 – PA Day – No school

Nov. 19 – Remembrance Day Assembly – 10:40am in the school gym

Nov. 20 – Family Science Night 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Nov. 19 – 23 – Bullying Awareness Week

Nov. 28 – School Council Meeting 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Spirit Wear

We are encouraging students and staff to wear their Saint Peter and Defender Spirit Wear on Wednesdays throughout the school year. As a result, we are having a New Spirit Wear Drive so that students and families can purchase Spirit wear.

Beginning Nov 5 until Nov. 18, 2018, Spirit Wear will be on sale online. Orders are expected to arrive before Christmas if you wanted to purchase something for a Christmas gift. Flyers will be sent out via Newswire, Cash on line and a paper copy will be made available in the school foyer for interview night. The link is

Family Science Night – November 20, 2018

Back By Popular Demand!

Scientists in School are a familiar and effective science education program that offers science workshops on curriculum related subjects. We at Saint Peter have had many opportunities to participate in a variety of these workshops. They also offer a Science Family Night for parents and kids to come to school and experiment with some new and interesting science ideas. Saint Peter Family Science Night will be on Tuesday Nov. 20, 2018 from 6:30pm until 8:00pm. Please find some time to drop in and “see and do” Science. There will be raffles with tickets given to all who attend.


If you visit our school website, you can register your home email address and our monthly school newsletters, along with other notes and reminders throughout the year, will automatically and conveniently be sent to your home or work email.

All Newswire communications also get posted on our school website so you can access them there as well for future reference.

Bookmark and check our website often for updates and school calendar items.

Progress Reports and Interviews

On November 6 your child will receive an Elementary Progress Report. The Elementary Progress Report Card was designed to show a student’s development of learning skills and work habits during the first weeks of the school year, as well as their general progress in working toward the achievement of the Ontario curriculum expectations on all subjects.  The intention of the Progress Report is to support early communication between the teacher and the parent/guardian.

There are no marks in the subject fields on the Progress Report Card. The Progress Report will place a strong emphasis on the development of learning skills and work habits with sections for responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative and self-regulation with examples to explain and promote each. Students will receive an “excellent,” “good,” “satisfactory,” or “needs improvement” comment to assess their progress in these areas, along with teacher comments about student strengths and areas that need work.

The information on the Progress Report Card should be an important part of discussions with teachers, students and parents/guardians during the November 7th and November 8th parent-teacher conferences. The focus of these discussions will be on progress early in the school year and how the student, school and the parent/guardian will work together to support student success. You should already have sent in your preferred interview time sheet. You will be given a time that will be on a sheet in the report card envelope. Please return the report envelope to your child’s teacher.

Parents seeking assistance in developing skills with their children may want to visit:

Tips and Tools for Parents at


Catholic Caring Community

Thank you to our Saint Peter Community who donated so generously to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank for their Thanksgiving Food Drive.

A group of 8 students and two teachers attended the We Day Activity in Toronto this year. They had an inspiring day and we are now looking forward to their plans for Catholic Caring leadership in our school community.

We will be celebrating our first School Mass at St. Patrick Church on November 15, 2017 beginning at 10:00 am. Parents and families are welcome to attend.

Our Remembrance Day Ceremony will be on Friday November 19 beginning in the gym at 10:40 am. Parents are welcome to come and honour our veterans.

Sock it to Me- begins Nov. 5 to Nov. 16, 2018. This is a service project for the Grade 3 class. If you could send in socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste, your items will be sent to the homeless. Our goal is to reach 300 items.


Students of the Month – September

The theme for September was Developing Friendships and Faith

JK/SK – Hailey L. and Kaleb F.

Gr. 1 –  Serenity S.

Gr.1/2 – Peyton C.

Gr. 2/3 – Julia C.

Gr. 3 – Thomas M.

Gr. 4 – Kara R.

Gr. 4/5 – Cloey M.

Gr. 5/6 – Alexia M. and Nathan L.

Gr. 7/8   Rayna F. and Mateo C.


Students of the Month – October

The theme for October was Empathy: Giving from the Heart

JK/SK – Myla E. and Kamrin P.

Gr. 1 –  Aliyah G.

Gr.1/2 – Melia H.

Gr. 2/3 – Alexis B.

Gr. 3 – Joshua K.

Gr. 4 – Eli P.

Gr. 4/5 – Nevaeh H.

Gr. 5/6 – Ryder G. and Matthew Q.

Gr. 7/8   Dominic D. and Emily S.


Saint Peter School Council

Our low play equipment is finally installed! It looks lovely and students have already found creative ways to play on it. Thank you to our School Councils from previous years  for their willingness to save money and purchase this equipment.

We will continue to have food drives and “Santa for Seniors” collections during holiday times.

Our Co – Chair Bree Almeida and Debra Curtis, will attend a Commissioning Ceremony on Tuesday Nov. 6, 2018 with all School Council Chairs in the WCDSB, along with principals, Superintendents, Trustees and the Director.

Another very successful form of fundraising for our School Council activities is our volunteer times at Cambridge Bingo. We have a team of volunteers who generously volunteer their time but we can always use more people on our team. If you might be interested in becoming a volunteer, please call the school office for information about training and scheduling.


Art and Math

Art and math have a lot in common with each other. In fact you can see the math in art and the art in math! Patterns, shapes, geometry, symmetry, spatial reasoning, proportional reasoning, etc… are all a part of the arts (visual art, music and dance), as they are of mathematics.

Some of what you see your child doing in school in the arts, is also an engagement with mathematical ideas at the same time! By blending mathematics and the arts, students learn in ways that are intellectual, emotional and physical. Children learn in many different ways, and research tells us that participating in the arts is one way that is very engaging for all of us.

A child stringing beads in a pattern on a string or creating a patterned bracelet is creating an understanding of patterning, although to them it may look simply like a pleasing design. When a child learns to play the piano, they are developing mathematical understanding of the relationships between scales, notes and chords. Symmetry can be seen in the symmetrical features of a butterfly or in a design when building. Children may notice patterns in wallpaper, tile tessellations on the floor or on a phone cover, rhythmic beats or repeated choreography in music videos or chords in a popular song. There is math everywhere!

How might you and your child notice and name the mathematics in the arts (visual, music and dance) that you encounter? Making the links helps deepen the understanding of both!

Interested in more?! Search on the internet for “golden ratio” to see an example of mathematics at work in nature and art!