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Next Tuesday October 31, 2017 is Halloween

Halloween is nearly here! Please take a moment to read the following costume guidelines. Teachers will go through these points with students and if you could also do the same with your child, it would be very much appreciated. If students are not wearing costumes, they are welcome to wear black and orange on that day.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when you are purchasing or making a costume to be worn at school.

  • No full face painting

  • No Masks

  • No Imitation weapons of any kind

While we are not aware of any issues or concerns involving our school at this time, it is important to always be aware of our surroundings and report anything that looks odd or out of place during the days leading up to and including Halloween. Good neighbours and community members help keep everyone safe. This is how we all partner together to ensure our schools continue to be safe places for our students and staff.

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