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May 2018 Newsletter


Important Dates in May at Saint Peter School      

May 1 – Superhero Day!

May 3 – School Mass at St. Patrick Church – 10:00am – Family and Friends welcome

May 7 – 11 – Catholic Education Week – Calendar of events to follow

May 8 – Folk Dance Festival – 7:00pm Preston Arena

May 10 – School Council Meeting at St. Benedict School – begins at 5:30pm

May 11 – Mission Fun Day begins at 12:30pm – 2:30pm

May 18 – Intermediate Immunization

May 18 – Festival of the Trees Book Event – Kitchener

May 18 – Badminton Tournament

May 21 – Victoria Day – No School

May 22 – June 4 – EQAO testing – Grade 3 and 6

May 25 – Track and Field Grades 4-8

May 26 – Grade 2 First Communion – 2:00pm – St. Patrick’s Church

May 30 – Gr. 7 Day at St. Benedicts

May 31 – Welcome to Kindergarten Night – Begins at 6:30pm

June 1 – PD Day – No school

June 4 – Cross Country Meet

Visit our school calendar regularly for all upcoming events and important dates in advance. These are updated on a regular basis. Please visit Saint Peter School website then click on the calendar at the bottom of the website page.


School Council

The Saint Peter School Council continues to meet to discuss issues that affect our students, discuss plans for the future of our school and our Board, and to hear and offer advice about school events. Please see the Saint Peter School website under the School Council Banner for minutes from every meeting.  All parents are welcome to attend. Our last meeting of the year will be Thursday May 10 at St. Benedict’s School beginning at 5:30pm. Please consider joining the Saint Peter Catholic School Council next year. It is a great way to have a say in some of the activities at Saint Peter as well as to lend a necessary hand to the staff and students.

Thank you to Peter Polaski and Bree Almeida our Council Co-Chairs this year, and all of the regular parent participants, for their input and dedication.

We have a group of volunteers that fill our scheduled times at the Cambridge Bingo. This is a lucrative fundraising venture and we sincerely thank all those who willingly attended training sessions and work at Bingo Games for the benefit of our school. If you wish to join our team, please call the school for training times.


Book Fair

Our recent Book Fair was a huge success. More than $3000.00 of books were sold leaving a percentage of that to purchase new books for our Library. Many thanks to Mrs. Maidment and her student and parent volunteers for all their time and talents. Thanks so much for your support in this important Literacy Event.


Newswire and Cash Online

If you visit our school website  you can register your home email address for our monthly school newsletters, along with other notes and reminders throughout the year, which will be automatically and conveniently sent to your home email or cell phone.

School Cash Online is a web-based solution that gives parents the ability to pay for student items online. Parents can make payments; sign permission forms print or view their receipts and their current account history all in real-time. Go to this website: to register. The School Board’s plan is to have all schools be “cash-less”, so register now to become familiar with the program.

Leaving School at Lunch

Students are required to have a signed and dated note to leave the school property at lunch.  Otherwise a parent or guardian will need to come to the Main Office to sign students out for lunch. When student’s return to school property, they are expected to move in to the main school yard as soon as possible. There should be no students hanging around the front sidewalk of the school, the parking lot or the bike racks etc. Students need to get on the school yard where they can be supervised.  If they have a large drink or something else to eat, they cannot bring it on the yard and will have to dispose of it. The main message is, “if you are going out for lunch, eat your lunch out and then come back. Do not bring your purchased lunch on school property and expect to eat it here”.  There has been some concern with garbage being left in areas around the school boundary which will attract mice and rats. The guideline around not allowing food on the yard is the same in all schools because of the possibility of bees and allergic reactions to them.

Scooters and bikes are used as an effective form of transportation to and from school. They cannot be used on school property though because of the safety of other students who are there, and especially not on the sidewalk and parking lots. If a student is riding a scooter where they should not be, we will remind them of what the guidelines are and if they persist in riding where they should not be, we will get in touch with parents to gain support in ensuring safety.

Sun Safety  

With the warmer, sunnier weather, students wear lighter clothes which may expose their skin to more sun. Please remember to wear sunscreen, hats and sunglasses for students to wear when they are outside at recess breaks. Staff are not permitted to apply sunscreen and sunscreen cannot be shared with other students.


Kindergarten Registration                            

Catholic Board Online Registration

Why Wait for August?

Registering to attend one of Waterloo Region’s 46 Catholic elementary schools and five Catholic secondary schools has never been easier. In fact, a quality, inclusive, faith-based education is now just a click away thanks to the Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s new online registration system.

Quick Facts

  • Parents can access the Online Registration form by clicking on the Register for School link on the WCDSB homepage ( and then choosing either Kindergarten, Grades 1-8 or Secondary Registration. The link to Online Registration can be found under the Registration Options button.
  • Children born in 2014 are eligible for Junior Kindergarten.
  • Children born in 2013 are eligible for Kindergarten.
  • Extended Day program now available at Saint Peter


Are You Moving?

To assist us with enrolment projections for September 2018, please inform the school if you are planning any changes that may result in your children not attending Saint Peter Catholic School next year.


Extended Day Program

The Board operated Extended Day Program will be at  Saint Peter for 2018-19 school year!

Did you know the Extended Day Before and After School Programs are offered for children from JK to Grade 6, before and after school, on PD Days

and Christmas and March break.

If you haven’t already, please express your interest by pre-registering online for the 2018-19 school year. 

Parents will be asked to confirm their child’s schedule online by August 17th.

 To pre-register visit and follow the Extended Day Program links to 2018-19 Pre-registration.

WCDSB Extended Day Programs……….

  • Are led by the same knowledgeable Early Childhood Educators that work in the kindergarten classroom during the day providing continuity for children and families
  • Are offered at your child’s school providing convenient, consistent programming for parents and children
  • Operate from 7:00 a.m. to school starting bell time and school ending bell time to 6:00 p.m.
  • Operate on PA Days for the same daily fee.
  • Operate at select schools during March Break and non-statutory days during Christmas Break for the same daily fee. (children enrolled at any school can choose a convenient location from the list of selected schools)
  • Allow for fulltime schedules or part time schedules that follow a weekly recurring set of days
  • Are available for an affordable fee, offering a variety of payment methods, including most major credit cards (see website for list of fees)
  • Are eligible for Region of Waterloo child care subsidy
  • Have ongoing registration throughout the school year with no waiting list

 Would you like to know more about WCDSB Extended Day Programs?


Or call 519-578-3660


Catholic Caring Community

Please keep the Grade 2 students of Saint Peter in your prayers as they prepare for the sacraments of First Communion. They will receive their First Communion on May 26, 2018.

The whole school, including the Kindergarten students, will be travelling to St. Patrick Church on Thursday May 3, 2018 at 10:00am for our second school Mass of the year. Family members are welcome to join us.  Thank you to the students and teachers who prepared the readers, processional, and the choir.

As part of our WE commitment, on Thursday April 12, 2018 the Intermediate students simulated the lives of people who need to walk a great distance to get water. Our goal was to reach $1000.00 to send to communities who need clean water.

Donations are still being accepted. Please see our video at

 Students of the Month – April

The theme for April was kindness “Taking Care of the Earth”

JK/SK –Tomas M. and Logan G.C.

Gr. 1/2-  Daymia F.G. and Rose J.

Gr. 2/3 – Nevaeh H.   

Gr. 3/4 – Enya A.

Gr. 4/5 – Jozef P.

Gr. 5/6 –  Dominic D. and Alexia M.

Gr. 7/8   Jericho T. and Hailey D.

Athletics and Events

Many athletic teams are in the process of training right now in preparation for try outs and participation in tournaments and meets. There will be many opportunities for students to pursue some great sports opportunities. There will be Badminton, Soccer, Three Pitch Baseball, Track and Field and Cross-Country running.

The Folk-Dance Group continues to practice and they will participate in a Festival during Education Week on May 8, 2018

We will be continuing our EXTRAmural program during lunch recesses which includes reading, knitting and crocheting. Please encourage your children to participate in these activities.

Upcoming Testing Dates

Please ensure your child is well rested and, if possible, avoid making appointments during these important dates:

Grade 3 EQAO Test—May 22 to June 4 (half days)

Grade 6 EQAO Test—May 22 to June 4 (half days)

Grade 7 Canadian Achievement Test, 4th Edition (CAT-4) – April 30 – May 4


Knowledge Hook

Our Board has recently partnered with Knowledgehook, a digital assessment ‘for’ and ‘as’ learning math resource, which is available for all classroom teachers from grades 3-8.

In order to ensure transparency of our privacy policies with our school communities, I will post the following statement in our upcoming May school newsletter. This statement will suffice for the remainder of this current school year. You can share it also on your various communications with parents.

“Knowledgehook, is now a Board approved “Green Tool” which ensures student information is stored in a secure manner.  This online, interactive math resource will support student learning in grades 3-8. Knowledgehook will provide additional math support and instruction for learning both in the classroom and also for differentiated home-practice. If you have any questions or concerns about this program please speak to your child’s classroom teacher.”

Class Lists for September 2018 – 2019

Many factors are considered in the creation of class lists, including: academic strengths and needs, social groupings and gender ratio, etc. The teachers and administration take great care to ensure, to the best of our ability, all students’ needs are met. Since it is very difficult to both honour requests from parents as well as make the most prudent decisions for all students in our care, we will not be soliciting classroom placement requests for the 2018-2019 school year. We ask for you to please trust that the staff will continue to make decisions on placements that are in the best interests of all the students at Saint Peters School.

If you have a concern about the learning needs of your child, that the staff may not know about, please speak to your child’s teacher or the principal before the beginning of June.

Learning to Count   

When children are learning to count, they like to touch, point to and move objects as they say the number aloud – so encourage them to!

  • Have your child count toys, kitchen utensils, items of clothing as they come out of the dryer, collections (such as stickers, buttons or rocks) and any other items your child shows interest in counting.
  • Mix it up! Have your child count a set of objects but start at different places in the set (for example, start counting in the middle of the set rather than at the beginning). This helps to develop the idea that the counting of objects can begin with any object in a set and the total will still be the same.
  • Sing counting songs and use counting in meaningful ways in games, such as Hide-and-Seek. Counting games, rhymes and songs exist in every culture. Some counting songs and rhymes help children to count forward and backward as well.
  • Have your child skip count (counting by twos, fives or tens) to count larger groups of items quickly. Use such objects as blocks, pasta pieces, toothpicks or buttons.
  • Develop your child’s awareness of the symbols used to represent numbers by making it a game. Look for number symbols in your home and neighbourhood: on the television remote, on the microwave, on the telephone keypad, in flyers and media, on signs and on team sweaters.
  • Play a number version of I Spy. For example, “I spy something that has the number five on it,” or “I spy something in this room that there are three of.”
  • Ask for your child’s help to count items in your home. “I wonder how many chairs we have around the table? In this room? In the house?” Count windows, light switches, lamps or beds. You might record “how many” by using a combination of numbers and pictures.







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