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March 2018 Newsletter

Important Dates in March at Saint Peter School   

March 5 – Primary Classes attending Concert

March 9 – Beach Day

March 12 – 16 – March Break – No School

March 22 – Deadline for First Communion Registration

March 28 – Graduation and Sibling Photo Day

March 29 – Grade 8 Transitional Meetings

March 30 – Good Friday – No School

April 1 – Easter Sunday

April 2 – Easter Monday – No School


Saint Peter School Council

Pepperstix Fundraiser and School Council

The School Council continues to meet to discuss issues that affect our students, discuss plans for the future of our school and our Board, and to hear and offer advice about school events. Please see the Saint Peter School website under the School Council Banner for minutes from every meeting.  All parents are welcome to attend. The next meeting will be Thursday May 10 at St. Benedict’s School.

We have a group of volunteers that fill our scheduled times at the Cambridge Bingo. This is a lucrative fundraising venture and we sincerely thank all those who willingly attended training sessions and work at Bingo Games for the benefit of our school. If you wish to join our team, please call the school for training times.

Thank you to staff and parents for their work on our Pepperstix fundraiser! These folks worked together to initiate the fundraiser, count money, and will sort and make packages for distribution. Stemmler Meats says this is the largest school order they have had to date!  The fundraiser was again a great success, with just over $14,00.00 in orders which raised about 6,000.00 in profit for our School Council. With that amount, students have won an extra recess, a gum day, a freezie day, a fashion show where students will be able to dress up their teacher and the price of admission to a movie at the end of the year!

The Three Winners of the highest sales of Pepperstix will be announced at the end of the week of March 2, 2018.   They will each receive a $50.00 gift certificate to the Cambridge Center Mall.  Thank you to all parents and students who sold Pepperstix and sausages to help fund some of our school activities.


Newswire and Cash Online

If you visit our school website  you can register your home email address for our monthly school newsletters, along with other notes and reminders throughout the year, which will  be automatically and conveniently sent to your home email or cell phone.

School Cash Online is a web-based solution that gives parents the ability to pay for student items online. Parents can make payments; sign permission forms print or view their receipts and their current account history all in real-time. Go to this website: to register. The School Board’s plan is to have all schools be “cash-less”, so register now to become familiar with the program.



Kindergarten Registration

Catholic Board Online Registration

Why Wait for August?

Registering to attend one of Waterloo Region’s 46 Catholic elementary schools and five Catholic secondary schools has never been easier. In fact, a quality, inclusive, faith-based education is now just a click away thanks to the Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s new online registration system.

Quick Facts

  • Parents can access the Online Registration form by clicking on the Register for School link on the WCDSB homepage ( and then choosing either Kindergarten, Grades 1-8 or Secondary Registration. The link to Online Registration can be found under the Registration Options button.
  • Children born in 2014 are eligible for Junior Kindergarten.
  • Children born in 2013 are eligible for Kindergarten.
  • When registering your child to attend a Catholic elementary school you must be prepared to provide proof of the child’s date of birth and either the child’s Catholic baptismal certificate or the Catholic baptismal certificate of at least one parent or guardian and proof of your address.
  • If you are non-Catholic but wish to explore a Catholic education for your child(ren) please review the WCDSB Admissions to Catholic Elementary Schools policy and make an appointment with the school to speak with the Principal.
  • A complete list of WCDSB schools currently providing the Extended Day Program is available via the “Register for School” link on the WCDSB web site. A complete list of WCDSB schools that will offer the Extended Day Program in 2018-19 will be web-posted in April 2018. Please call your school directly for information about the Extended Day Program.


Are You Moving?

To assist us with enrolment projections for September 2018, please inform the school if you are planning any changes that may result in your children not attending Saint Peter Catholic School next year.


Catholic Caring Community

Lent began on Ash Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018. As a school, we began this Holy season by celebrating Shrove Tuesday on Tuesday Feb. 13.

We had an Ash Wednesday Liturgy in the school gym and we will also celebrate regular weekly Liturgies in the gym during the Lenten season on Monday mornings beginning at 8:35am.

School wide reconciliation for Grade 3– 8 will be Thursday Feb. 22, 2018 in the afternoon.

Our Grade 5 and 6 students will prepare a Stations of the Cross presentation for Holy Thursday March 29, 2018.

Good Friday will be celebrated on Friday March 30, 2018 and there will be no school that Day. Easter Sunday is April 1 and Easter Monday will be April 2 and there will also be no school on that day.


Students of the Month – February

The theme for January was “Showing Respect””

JK/SK – Mathias R. and Xavier H.

Gr. 1/2-  Jeralyn G. and Abigail R.

Gr. 2/3 – Aiden D.

Gr. 3/4 – Kara R.

Gr. 4/5 – Jaxson B.

Gr. 5/6 –  Erika B. and Emily S.

Gr. 7/8   Gabriel I. and Sommer R.


Athletics and Events

Boys in Grade 5 – 8 were invited to try out for the Basketball team and they held many invigorating practices. This team was involved in a one-day tournament on Monday Feb. 26 and they secured second place. Congratulations to the boys and the coach, Mr. Sauer.

Girls in Grade 4-8 were also invited to participate on the volleyball team and they participated in a tournament on Tuesday Feb. 27. They played with heart and skill and came in third. Thank you to their coaches Ms. Luis and Mrs. Schell.

Skills Canada competitions will be taking place this week and we wish all of our participants much success and fun.

We will be continuing our EXTRAmural program during lunch recesses which includes reading, art, knitting and crocheting. Please encourage your children to participate in these activities.

Upcoming Testing Dates

Please ensure your child is well rested and, if possible, avoid making appointments during these important dates:

Grade 3 EQAO Test—May 22 to June 4 (half days)

Grade 6 EQAO Test—May 22 to June 4 (half days)

Grade 4 Canadian Cognitive Ability Test—April 23 – 27

Grade 7 Canadian Achievement Test, 4th Edition (CAT-4) – April 30 – May 4

Information will be, or has been, sent home in a letter to those students in those grades as we get closer to the test dates.


Visitors to the School and Office

Parents and all visitors to the school are reminded to check in at the office to report their reason for visiting. Depending on the nature of the activity, the length of stay and the area of the school they are expected to visit, they may be directed to obtain a Visitors Pass and sign in to the Visitors Log. A reminder also that students getting picked up early must have their parent sign them out in the binder at office before they leave. Parents need the consent and knowledge of the office staff to be in the hallways, gym, or student yard for the safety and privacy of all of our students.

Spring Safety Reminders

Driving Cautions

Only a handful of students live far enough away from the school to be bussed so please consider walking with your child now that weather is getting warmer.

We ask that all parents exercise great care and caution when driving their children to school. Please, always slow down and be aware of students walking to school.

Also, we ask that you take into consideration the following reminders:

In the morning and at lunch many parents drop their children off at school. If you plan to do this, we ask that you :

  • Drop your children off as close to the end of the driveway as possible (near library).
  • If possible, pull to the right hand side and drop them off at the curb.
  • Have the children prepared with their belongings. This way they can get out of the car quickly, allowing the next car to pull up.

If you are dropping off your children in the back parking lot, we ask that you:

  • Follow the yellow arrows and drive in one direction only.
  • Pull right in front of the walkway and drop your children off next to the wooden posts.
  • Have the children prepared with their belongings. This way they can get out of the car quickly, allowing the next car to pull up.

In the evening, you may park in both lots if you are waiting for your children. Also, if you are parking on the roads near the school, please observe the No Parking Signs. We also ask that you do not park in the neighbours’ driveways. Please note that there are parking spaces in the parking lot for people to use that go empty each day so please park in the assigned spaces rather than along the fences.

The school staff does not have the time to enforce the parking by-laws and if tickets are issued by the by-law officers the school will not take responsibility for the tickets. Please inform your children where you will be parked and ask them to meet you or wait for them outside their exit doors and walk them to your car. This way we ensure a safe driveway in case of an emergency. Please discourage your children from walking in the parking lots between cars.

No Dogs Please

We have a number of students and staff who are afraid of dogs, and still others who have allergies to dogs, so we would appreciate it if you did not bring your dog to the Saint Peter School area when picking up your children. That is usually a busy time when all students are either coming to, or leaving, the school area and it is very uncomfortable for some students.

FitBit March 2018 – Take Time to Eat Together

Make meal time family time. Families that eat together tend to have better eating habits and less risk of obesity. Meal time is a great chance to check in with each other and share stories about your day.

What are you doing at mealtime? Reading the paper, watching the news, driving somewhere?

Take time to eat together. Turn off the TV and sit down at the table. Sitting down with family for a meal allows each person to share a few moments of their day. Eating together provides an opportunity for positive role modeling, while encouraging healthy habits. Make meal time family time, you’ll be glad you did.

Try making this easy and delicious dish with your family. Talk about where each food item came from and how the meal was made.

Quick and Easy Lentil Soft Tacos

Makes: 4 tacos



1 can (540 ml) lentils

¼ cup (60 ml) finely minced red onion

¼ cup (60 ml) salsa

4 small whole grain tortillas

1 cup (250 ml) shredded lettuce, kale or spinach

1 small tomato, diced

½ cup (125 ml) shredded lower-fat cheese



  1. Rinse lentils in a strainer under cold running water for approximately one minute.
  2. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine lentils, onion and salsa; cook, stirring often, for 3-4 minutes or until bubbling and hot.
  3. Fill each tortilla with one-fourth of the lentil mixture, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

Tip:  Double the recipe and you will have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.


Growth Mindset in Math

In general, a growth mindset is the belief that intelligence and ‘smartness’ can also be learned and that the brain grows from experience and effort.  The opposite, a fixed mindset, is the idea that you are smart, or you are not. In math, that translates into “some people are good at math, and some are not.” Did you know that praising efforts rather than intelligence or results can impact your child’s ability to persevere in challenges?! The goal is to have children thrive on challenges and see failures, not as a sign of low intelligence, but as a learning opportunity.  Brain research tells us that making mistakes actually wires more connections into the brain! When a person has a growth mindset, they accept challenges, see their efforts as worthwhile, and are open to learning from mistakes. Students with a growth mindset achieve at higher levels than those with fixed mindsets. How can you help? Some simple ways:

  • Adding “yet” when they claim they are “not good at this” (Respond: “You are not good at this yet.”)
  • Ask questions that focus on their effort and choices and get them to reflect on satisfaction of that effort (e.g. What did you learn today? What mistake did you make that taught you something? What did you try hard at today?)
  • Model this yourself as you share about your day







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