It feels like time has been flying by. And really, it has. We have been apart during distance learning longer than we are apart over a typical summer break. All of our staff miss seeing everyone in person, and the same feelings of frustration and isolation are being experienced by the whole community. BUT, we are a community. And we are not done yet and we not done in! As the weather continues to get brighter and warmer, it is a reminder that our community is still filled with warmth and connection. We only have 1 month left to finish this journey strong. We have many exciting things planned and look forward to finishing the year together even if we are physically distant.

The Many Feelings We are Feeling This Week

I do not think it is right or just to ignore the reality that a highly publicized event took place in the US. An African-American named George Floyd was brutally killed in broad daylight during an interaction with police officers. Following that, there have been many demonstrations and lots of discussion around the issues of racism and systemic oppression. Many families, both students and parents in our community, are feeling pain, sadness, frustration, anger and so much more. We would be fools to think this does not happen in Canada, in Cambridge and that some of our community has lived experiences that have become raw this week. There are also so many caring and kind people in our community that love everyone, but are feeling unsure of how to respond. As a white male in a position of power, I recognize I cannot possibly understand how this has affected everyone. However, I continue to do my best to be an advocate for all of our students, grow in my own personal learning of how to be a more anti-racist leader and support all of our families. If you are struggling and need some support this week, please reach out. We see you and we care.

Some of the Important Questions We Have All Been Wondering…

What is going on with Graduation?

The Graduation Committee has been hard at work planning several surprises and working to keep this year’s graduation experience both memorable and meaningful. A letter is going out by email to all grade 8 parents with the details. Check your inbox. It is going to be a very special month for our grade 8 students!

When can I gather up my child’s belongings?

As soon as the Ministry of Education announced that we are continuing Distance Education for the remainder of the year, this question has been coming up. It is completely reasonable for all of us to want to know when and how this will take place right away. However, our board protocols for gathering materials need to be developed based on Ministry of Health guidance and then our specific site-based process is developed. We are still finalizing plans, but will ensure that everyone is kept safe and physically distant throughout the process. My hope is that we can do this the final week in June so that families will only need to visit the school once to pick up both their belongings and their final report cards.

What Happened with the Parking Lot Lines?

Our parking lot has been repainted! There are fresh brightened lines that is part of the typical maintenance of the school. When the Parking Committee met with the officials from the board, we decided that we could provide a safer experience for kids trying to enter vehicles by moving the parking to the perimeter of the rear lot, rather than the middle. This prevents children walking through moving traffic when they enter a parked car at the end of the day. We also were able to add a few spaces to the back lot with the updated design. We will continue to address our parking lot issues as the school grows. Safety is always our priority.

What Will Next Year Look Like?

To be honest, our entire team is eager to implement whatever safety measures we need to in order to make our school experience is ‘in-person’ again. The challenge is that the Ministry of Education is still developing the requirements from which our board and our individual school will use to operate safely in the Fall. This is a good thing as we want the plan to be thoughtful and inclusive of all our students. As soon as we know the plan, we will share that with our Saint Peter Community.

Pom Pom Squad…This Friday!

Our whole community has really enjoyed the #DefenderFamilyContest. What we learned from the experience was that the prize doesn’t matter as much as the connection people experience from the visit. We also know that in this final stretch, it is going to take some extra motivation to go the distance in distance learning. So, as a community we are going to pull together and finish the year strong. We will be visiting one of our Defender Streets each week in June for some socially distant selfies, to give away some put some Pom Poms in our Spirit Meter and leave behind some delicious cool treats for all the kids to enjoy! Make sure you are wearing Saint Peter’s Spirit Wear or Red on Friday. We might be coming to your street this week!

Saint Peter Parent Facebook Group!

As mentioned last week, some parents from our Catholic Parent Advisory Council have started a Private Facebook group for all Saint Peter Parents. This is organized by parents and the administrators for the group are parents. Several of our staff have been invited to join the group as observers, but the purpose of our group is to keep our parents connected and welcome new families to the school community. There are norms in the group about positive posting and respectful discourse, but all Saint Peter parents are welcome to join. Other than spreading the word through this initial invitation, the staff at Saint Peter will not use the group as an official communication method. I do appreciate when important information is shared with all parents. Feel free to continue to repost links to Newswires and Tweets. It is important for people to be informed and connected!

The link to the group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/676744066221346/

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