Hi Defender Families!

The hot June weather is here and we are doing our best to support your family as we complete the last leg of our distance education journey. We are still finalizing our Belonging Pick Up protocol. Save the date: Tuesday, June 23rd. That will be the date that the majority of families from K to grade 6 pick up their belongings and report card. Intermediates will be picking up on Thursday, June 25th. More information to follow.

Last week we started our first PomPom Spirit Squad walk. To be honest, it was met with mixed reviews and I received some feedback from parents regarding some frustration about the experience. First of all, thank you for sharing your feedback! It is really important that we hear from you when things go well, and when things miss the mark.

Our aim, intent and priority was to maintain safety and social distancing, while dropping by with a delicious treat for our students. We chose not to identify the route in advance so we could keep it a surprise and avoid gatherings of greater than 5. However, it appeared to some in the community that the event was ‘not organized,’ despite this initiative being planned for weeks. We have a plan in place to see every family in our community.

The weather was 27 degrees Celsius or greater through the afternoon. Our team made a decision in the moment to ‘divide and conquer’ so we could ensure the freezies stay frozen and the team was able to prevent families from waiting in the heat for our team to arrive. However, it appeared to some in the community that some of our team was intentionally ignored a group of houses. This was not our goal, but we recognize that some families might have been hurt by this.

Lastly, we did not anticipate the desire for members in our community to visibly thank staff with signs and cheer on the group as we made it from house to house. By not visiting every home, we unintentionally lost out on the opportunity to allow families to express their gratitude. It is humbling and heartwarming to lead such a fantastic parent community.

Well, we have heard you and we are switching things up for the coming week! I wanted to wait until the provincial announcement yesterday before we decided how things will look this week.

The province announced yesterday that Friday June 12th is the first day for gatherings up to 10 people! This reduces the liability of the school putting the information out in advance and actually provides and opportunity for our families to invite another family to hang out socially distanced in their front yard. This will also allow families further away to participate if they want to be part of the route this week. We will also be doing the ‘parade route’ in the morning and will be leaving around 10 AM. This will ensure our team can stay together as a group without exhausting families or having all the freezies melting on us. We really do value all students, staff and families that are a part of our community and look forward to celebrating this Friday Morning!

The area we will be visiting this week is as follows:

As important as it is for a Principal to take responsibility when things don’t go right, we also get to celebrate our tremendous staff and students when things do work out. There were plenty of smiles last week and there is a lot of FABULOUS work happening by our students during distance learning! Here are just a few of the great students and families we visited.