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Jump2Math Tonight!

Jump2Math – Active Family Math Night

Jump2Math is coming to Saint Peter tonight!


Jump2Math is an active, sensory approach to Math that blends physical movement with games. It is an evening for parents to come to the school with their kids to explore Math in a fun way.  Students are encouraged to bring their parents to school today, Thursday February 22, 2018.  Doors will open at 6:00pm and the draws will take place at the end of the evening at  8:00pm.  Parents need to sign a waiver form for their kids to participate. There will be no food, drinks or shoes allowed in the school that evening, and because there will be physical activities, everyone should wear comfortable clothes and socks.


Waiver forms will be available at the door tonight, and will also be used for a draw for one of the 25 prizes!


Waiver forms must be signed by a parent in order for students to participate, and students must come with an adult.
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