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January 2018 Newsletter

 Important Dates in January at St. Peter School      

Jan. 8 – 12 – WCDSB Pilgrimage Cross at St. Peter

Jan. 10 – Wear a funny Hat Day

Jan. 17 – 19 – Grade 8 at Mount Mary Retreat

Jan. 18 – Grade 8 Information Night at St. Benedict’s Secondary School

Jan. 24 – Pajama Day

Jan. 26 – PA Day – No School

Jan. 26 – Grade 7 Confirmation at St. Patrick’s Church – 7:00pm

The theme for January will be “New Beginnings” and “Self-Control”.


Thank You!

Thank you for your generosity during the Advent and Christmas seasons with your donations to the Santa for Seniors and for your kindness with your Christmas wishes and gifts for the staff.


Newswire and Cash Online

If you visit our school website  you can register your home email  address and our monthly school newsletters, along with other notes and reminders throughout the year. They will automatically and conveniently be sent to your home email or cell phone.

School Cash Online is a web-based solution that gives parents the ability to pay for student items online. Parents can make payments; sign permission forms print or view their receipts and their current account history all in real-time. Go to this website: to register. The School Board’s plan is to have all schools be “cash-less”, so register now to become familiar with the program.


Winter Weather and Safety

Just a reminder of the necessity of dressing properly for the weather (e.g., sweaters, mittens, hats, scarves, and boots). Labeling items would be helpful, as many boots and mittens look very similar. Many items make their way to the Lost and Found box and are often not claimed. We ask that each child have indoor footwear (e.g., running shoes to wear in the school) and boots to wear outside. Except under extremely cold conditions, students go outside during recess and lunch hour. Research indicates that fifteen minutes of fresh air allows students to refocus on their studies. We will monitor the weather conditions often and make decisions based upon our local conditions, and School Board guidelines. Please remember that children who are too ill to go outside should be resting at home.

When the weather is severe in the morning, listen to your local radio station for cancellations or closures (e.g. CHYM 96.7) or check the School Board web site at

When the snow hits the ground, students are going to be tempted to play in it. There will be no throwing snow or ice. Snow must be left on the ground. Students should also follow the direction of the supervision staff about playing on snow piles. Sometimes these piles will be deemed off-limits. School winter safety policies are designed to protect everyone on school property from injury.


Free Math Tutoring

Homework Help is Ontario’s free, online math tutoring website for students in Grades 7-10. It provides free, one on one tutoring with Ontario certified teachers five days a week, Sunday to Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm ET. Tutors work together with students on a shared screen until students understand their math homework. Online math resources are also available on the site, including videos, online tutorials, and digital lockers to help students overcome math challenges.

All students with an Ontario Education Number (OEN) who attend a publicly funded English-language school have access to the program and can get free online math help. Students are helped to understand math concepts they may be struggling with while building their math skills and confidence.”

Register today and access free tutoring by visiting help. Click through to and create a free account. Educators and guardians are welcome to use the site. Students can register quickly and easily with their Ontario Education Number (OEN) and Date of Birth. Homework Help is a program funded by the Ontario government and administered through TVO’s Independent Learning Centre (ILC).


Athletics and Events

Boys in Grade 5 – 8 will be invited to try out for the Basketball team. This team will be involved in a one day tournament at the end of the basketball season.

We will be continuing our EXTRAmural   program during lunch recesses. Please encourage your children to participate in these activities. Skills Canada will be starting their challenges soon as well.


Catholic Caring Community

Please keep our Grade 7 students in your prayers as many of them will be receiving the sacrament of Confirmation on Friday January 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm at St. Patrick’s Church.


Why Should Your Child Arrive At School On Time?

Students who are continually late miss an important part of the day. First thing in the morning, teachers go over the schedule for the day, often take up homework and introduce new learning tasks. Coming in 15 or 20 minutes late creates a disruption for the rest of the class and interrupts the lesson which has already begun.

In addition, knowing that he/she is going to be late, rushing and often not eating properly is a bad start to the day for all concerned. The student can arrive stressed and embarrassed to come in after everyone else.

Obviously, there are valid reasons for being late such as medical/dental appointments, but coming to school on time is an important habit to develop and will ensure success at school and at work in the future.

Something to think about: If a child is late 10 minutes every school day, he/she will miss close to an hour of instructional time during a week, or 2000 minutes of instructional time during one school year.


Students of the Month – December

The theme for December was “Living the Spirit””

JK/SK – Aalya M. and Lucas Q.

Gr. 1/2-  Abigail S. and Hailey J.

Gr. 2/3 – Amelia K.

Gr. 3/4 – Brayden H.

Gr. 4/5 – Christina-Marie C.

Gr. 5/6 –  Chelsea L-R. and Landon M-S.

Gr. 7/8   Madison R. and Carlos C.


St. Peter School Council

Our fundraising activities for the year will be Pepperette sales in February as the major fundraiser for St. Peter School. Mission Fun Day will be our fundraising activity for charity.

We will also be making plans for a Numeracy Night in early February to help parents and students understand math concepts in a fun learning environment.

The School Council used some of the proceeds from our Bingo work to cater a Turkey Dinner for all of our students on Wednesday Dec. 20 during the regular lunch time. A big Thank You to our Bingo Team who volunteer on weekends and evenings at the Cambridge Bingo Center to raise funds for St. Peter School.

Thank you to Mr. Woodworth, Mrs. Woodworth, Mrs. Curtis, Mr. Curtis, Mrs. Faria, Mrs. Farrow, Mr. Farrow and Mrs. Maidment.

A successful form of fundraising for our School Council activities is our volunteer times at the Cambridge Bingo Center. Shifts are only 2 ½ hours at a time. We have a team of volunteers who generously volunteer their time but we can always use more people on our team. If you might be interested in becoming a volunteer, please call the school office for information about training and scheduling.


Literacy and Numeracy on the Fridge – Video Podcast

In any household, the refrigerator door attracts a lot of traffic. That makes it the perfect place to post puzzles for children. Being able to solve problems and communicate your thoughts are skills that everyone needs. In this video podcast, Simaya age 6, thinks aloud as she solves the puzzles by herself. Her mom, Caroline, encourages her daughter to experiment and take risks. Asking her a question such as, “Why did you choose to do that first?” helps Simaya adjust and clarify her thinking.







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