THEME FOR THIS WEEK (May 3 to May 8) “Igniting Hope”

“Igniting Hope” This week is Catholic Education Week & Igniting Hope is the theme. Even in the darkest of times, Hope can be found among us. This week’s family challenge is designed to Ignite Hope in the First Responders & Frontline workers in our Community. Perhaps you want to write a thank you card and send it to the staff in a nursing home. You might want to bring a Tim Card to a cashier working at a grocery store. Maybe you want to drop off some groceries to our local food bank so those serving will have plenty to give. Perhaps you want to decorate your windows or tie blue ribbons around your trees as a show of support to healthcare workers in our community. However you choose to ignite hope is completely up to you. Saint Teresa of Calcutta put it best when she said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” You got this Defenders. 

All the details are in the link below…Entries are due by Friday at 12 Noon. Remember to take a pic and tweet it or send it to We hope every family has a chance to participate!


When the more members of the community heard about this cool contest, they wanted to get onboard. Any further donations will go towards a GRAND PRIZE that will be a random draw for a family that has participated in at least 3 of the contests. So…even if you won during week one…keep participating! So far there is a $100 Gator Tales Gift Card as well as a home exercise Mat. As the contest grows in popularity, so will the grand prize! Keep posting and having fun Defenders.

Congratulations to this Week’s lucky draw winners!

Here are the AWESOME entries we received: