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FITGO at St. Peter

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Starting this week (Feb 26 – March 2), St. Peter’s School will be involved in a Board wide FTIGO Challenge. FITGO is a fun and interactive Healthy Schools game for all students to participate in. Each school will be part of a friendly competition where students will have a chance to take part in classroom challenges as well as school wide challenges to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle. We need your help!

  • One challenge is for your child to only drink water (or milk) for the whole week.
  • Second challenge is to help pack a litter less lunch. This means we will be asking students to either take all their garbage home, or have it packed in reusable containers for the week.
  • Third challenge is to have our lunch bags include 3 of the 4 food groups each day.

We appreciate and thank you for the support of your child during this time.

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