Distance Learning Begins

Hi Everyone,

I hope you and your families are hanging in there as we flatten the curve through distance learning. All of our teachers are using Google Classroom and there is a lot of activity as we get used to this form of learning. Having two children myself doing distance learning (and one in the background in diapers) gives me a clear vantage point on the challenges we are all facing on this journey. Be kind to yourself. We are all making progress and each step moves us further towards our goals. Please continue to reach out to your child’s teacher to let them know how things are going and if there is anything we can do to support you.

Teachers have made contact with just about everyone. I will be following up with families who have not been able to be reached by our teachers, as well families with students in our junior and intermediate grades who are having difficulties participating. Though it is not business as usual, there is an expectation from the ministry of Education that our students are participating in the learning opportunities that are available. We want to make sure all of our students are engaged in this process and make sure we can support you in any way possible to make that happen. As always, please do hesitate to reach out directly to me by email at ej.hunt@wcdsb.ca .

On April 2nd we dispersed 32 chromebooks to families without access to a device and will be doing one more round for the additional requests we have received for families without access. Next week, we will disperse additional devices for families who missed the initial opportunity. Following that day, for everyone’s health and safety we will not be entering the school again to disperse technology. We received some great news about options for families should a need arise during the pandemic (or even when we return to school).

Internet Service for $10. This is for Low Income Families who received a letter from the government.



Internet Service for $9.95. This is for people who are currently living in Co-Op housing .


There are 2 LOCAL organizations providing free computers!!! Please check this out and apply if you are in need!



Even A Pandemic Cannot Stop Easter!

As Catholics, we believe that Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are 3 of the most important days of the year. Though we cannot celebrate together, we can be united in prayer and truth.

It is true that each of us has made mistakes and fallen short at some point on the journey. The Saint Peter staff will attest that I make my fair share of mistakes! But the beauty of Easter does not come from the fact that we have finally been ‘good enough’ to be loved. The joy of Easter comes from knowing that each of us is loved dearly, no matter what our past looks like. Toilet paper might run out. Sanitizer might not be on the shelf. Lysol Wipes might be impossible to find. BUT Grace, Hope, Forgiveness and Love are truly unlimited when it comes to our God. Regardless of what got done this week online, please take time to reflect with your families upon the hope of the resurrection and the truth that God loves each of us dearly.

Prayer is another way we can be connected. WCDSB has actually created a site with resources for you and your family to pray alongside our community.


Father Ross has also put his masses on YouTube and you can participate this weekend digitally!