Hey Defender Families,

As we move forward through our Lenten journey, we can begin to feel the excitement of Easter upon us. New life is beginning to bloom and creation is changing all around us. Your Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC), aka ‘parent council,’ has been working on a Family Fun project to make sure everyone in our school has a treat heading into the Easter weekend.

Each family is invited to participate in some Cookie Decorating together. You can select up to one decorating kit for each child. Each kit will contain 4 cookies and all the fun toppings and icing you will need to create dessert together. Please order only what you will use, as a family with 3 children might not need 3 full kits and we do not want to see anything go to waste.

The kits are being delivered by a local supplier, From the Kitchen of Jason Santos. Their family is a wonderful part of Saint Peter and we are grateful for the efforts they are making to have the kits ready before Easter. In order to give Jason enough time to prepare, all orders must be received through Cash Online by March 31st.

We understand everyone is at a different place as we enter the next phase of the pandemic, so we wanted everyone to participate without cost being a barrier. Each kit is free to each child who wants one. If you would like to support this experience for our Saint Peter families, we would appreciate any amount you are comfortable contributing through Cash Online.

Thank you to Mrs. Monteiro and our CSAC for organizing this fun activity for our families!