Thank You Defender Families!

Our staff is truly grateful for all the Thank You message the Defender Families put together. One email I received said, “Thanks a lot. Now I am starting my weekend by crying :)!” You and your kids put tears of joy on our faces regularly, and we are excited to start another week with each of you!

I heard that the surprise below was organized on Facebook. Our Catholic Parent Advisory Council is going to get a Saint Peter Facebook group going so it will be easier for everyone to be connected and involved as parents. I will send out a link when things are ready to go for all to join.

Also, I know there are lots of questions popping up around end of year closure, retrieval of materials, graduation etc.. I should have more details from Senior Administration later this week. Stay tuned…

THEME FOR THIS WEEK (May 25 to May 29) “Defenders Got Talent”

“Defenders Got Talent!” As you have spent more time at home than ever before, you have likely discovered a hidden talent. Show off one of your newly discovered talents and have your family cheer you on. Perhaps your family wants to do a Tic Toc video together. Whatever you want to show off, let the rest of us celebrate your unique talent as a community! 

Also, if you have already won, please continue to participate. 3 or more entries allows you to be eligible for our Grand Prize of $100 for Gator’s Tail plus a great work out mat from Rejo Sports to avoid the Quarantine Fifteen!

Contest details are in the link below…Entries are due by Friday at 12 Noon. Remember to take a pic and tweet it or send it to We hope every family has a chance to participate!

Congratulations to this Week’s lucky draw winners!

Here are the AWESOME entries we received: