THEME FOR THIS WEEK (May 18 to May 22) “Recipe For Success”

“Recipe For Success!” What do you have in the back of the cupboard? Some canned corn? Maybe a box of pasta? Using one of those ingredients that you have around, along with some ingredients that you acquire, try to make a new recipe. It can be anything that you want as long as you make the meal together as a family! Have fun with this Defenders!

Also, if you have already won, please continue to participate. 3 or more entries allows you to be eligible for our Grand Prize of $100 for Gator Tales plus a great work out mat to avoid the Quarantine Fifteen!

Contest details are in the link below…Entries are due by Friday at 12 Noon. Remember to take a pic and tweet it or send it to We hope every family has a chance to participate!

Congratulations to this Week’s lucky draw winners!

Here are the AWESOME entries we received: