THEME FOR THIS WEEK (May 9 to May 15) “New You, New Do”

“New You, New Do!” We have been physically distancing for a while now. That means we have all been away from our barbers and hairstylists. Maybe you are feeling like changing someone’s look in your family? Whether it is a full out Covid-cut or simply and cool style for the afternoon, show us a different look. Side ponytail? Intense look with Gel? Colour your bangs? Everyone’s been stuck inside so let your imagination run wild as you create a new look with your hair. Remember to have fun with this as a family!

Also, if you have already won, please continue to participate. 3 or more entries allows you to be eligible for our Grand Prize of $100 for Gator Tales plus a great work out mat to avoid the Quarantine Fifteen!

Contest details are in the link below…Entries are due by Friday at 12 Noon. Remember to take a pic and tweet it or send it to We hope every family has a chance to participate!

Any Good leader will tell you that it is important to lead by example. So, for your inspiration and entertainment…Mr. Hunt’s ” New You, New Do” entry links are posted below as well as on Twitter. Lots of fun with the family!

Before the Cut

During the Cut

The Big Reveal

Congratulations to this Week’s lucky draw winners!

Here are the AWESOME entries we received: