Defender Families,

As we enter Catholic Education Week (CEW), we recognize that we are a people of Hope! Through all of our struggles, even the size of a global pandemic, we can be hopeful knowing our faith is rooted in Christ. Normally CEW is a time for families to participate in school masses, art shows, whole community events etc.. It is difficult to be apart during this week, knowing that as a Catholic School we draw our strength from community. Life was meant to be done together, and we recognize that distance learning is not ideal when comparing it to the regular community experience we have come to deeply appreciate now that it is no longer here.

So what can we do together? Our staff is going to be offering specific activities for their classes to work on from a faith and academic perspective. As a community, we wanted to make sure that people had something that we could do together while apart. Plus, we are Defenders! We do our best work when we are inspiring others in our community. Our first priority is going to be our Defender Family Contest. The focus will be on supporting our Frontline Workers and First Responders. They are the people who bring us hope now more than ever, and we want to lift them up and offer hope to them as well.

“Igniting Hope” This week is Catholic Education Week & Igniting Hope is the theme. Even in the darkest of times, Hope can be found among us. This week’s family challenge is designed to Ignite Hope in the First Responders & Frontline workers in our Community. Perhaps you want to write a thank you card and send it to the staff in a nursing home. You might want to bring a Tim Card to a cashier working at a grocery store. Maybe you want to drop off some groceries to our local food bank so those serving will have plenty to give. Perhaps you want to decorate your windows or tie blue ribbons around your trees as a show of support to healthcare workers in our community. However you choose to ignite hope is completely up to you. Saint Teresa of Calcutta put it best when she said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” You got this Defenders. 

While we are actively inspiring Hope in our community, we can also pray together. As a family, I would encourage you to visit the Pray@home website that WCDSB has created. It is full of resources and reflections that can be used as a family to grow in faith together. Thank you for your continued participation and support of Catholic Education. The partnership between home, school and Parish is very important. That leads me to my last resource: Father Ross.

He is a great resource and has prepared many masses on the St. Patrick YouTube channel.

He even made a special video message for grade 2s!

Have a great week everyone! I hope you stay safe and be well as you Ignite Hope in each other and our community!