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Teddy Bear Picnic Today at Lunch!

Hi Defender Families, Just a reminder that everyone is welcome to join our Teddy Bear Picnic today at lunch! Bring your lunch, your bear and join Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Connelly and Mrs. Van Trigt to hang out and eat lunch. We might even hear a story or 2 about Bears! Looking forward to seeing everyone

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Letter From Director & SPIRIT WEEK REMINDER

Hi Everyone, I hope you have had a fantastic weekend with your family. If you are crawling into Monday tomorrow...that is O.K. too. We will help each other have another wonderful week together, even when we are apart. Please take a minute to review this letter that the Director released on Thursday evening. I did

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Remote Learning Update: January 21/21

Remote Learning Continues... Hi Defender Families, You may have heard the we are continuing in Remote Learning next week. The board is still learning the details from the Ministry around how long the extension will last and when we will be advised of the next decision date. No new information has been shared with me

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Synchronous Connection Issues Today…

Hi Defender Families, We seem to be experiencing some widespread connectivity issues with our synchronous learning. Some classes remain unaffected, while others are struggling to have a simple class meeting. We are receiving reports of lagging, inabilities to hear the teacher and internet connections that are not stable. Our educators are here to create the

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Remote Learning Update: January 11th to 15th

Hi Defender Families, As was widely announced in the media, we are going to be continuing in Remote Learning for 2 more weeks and the earliest that we will return is January 25th. A formal letter from the Director regarding this item was released on Friday. On a personal note, I am very grateful for

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Mid-Week Update

Great Start Defender Families! First of all, a huge shout out to all the parents and caregivers who are supporting our learners on the other side of the screen. You are doing your very best and going above and beyond to support your children's learning. We appreciate the partnership we have and look forward to

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Remote Learning Starts Monday!

Happy New Year Defender Families! I think we all can agree that the much needed break with a White Christmas was a silver lining to a very challenging year. But we have much to celebrate. We came together as a school family and supported each other along a very frustrating journey. I am very proud

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