Our Catholic Education Week Assembly is tomorrow May 13 at 1:45 pm! We have a packed agenda for you! Be ready to participate in all the fun! We have a few special guests with us, former Superintendents, Laura Shoemaker and Maria Ivankovic will be in the house having a Table Table about Catholic Education!  As well, a few Trustees will be on hand to enjoy the fun!

Our Mass! Mary’s Crowning!

As you may all know, May is the Month of Mary! Father Joe, from St. Patrick’s Parish will be with us leading us in this important celebration. The Crowning of Mary Mass  will be at the school, Tuesday May 14, 10:00 in the gym. We love having our families here sharing in these important and cherished spiritual moments!


Let’s give a great big, “round of applause” to our Defender Folk Dancers who did a great job at the event this year! If you did not have an opportunity to see them, they will be performing live at our Assembly on Monday!

Black Tutors, For Black Students!

Attention Black Families! If you need homework support for your children, look no further. Research indicates that having black teachers can have significant positive effects on black students.

  • Improved Academic Performance: A study published in the “Economics of Education Review” found that black students who had at least one black teacher in elementary school were more likely to graduate high school and enroll in college. This effect was particularly pronounced for black male students.
  • Enhanced Social and Emotional Support: Black teachers can serve as role models and mentors for black students, providing social and emotional support that may be lacking in other educational settings. This can contribute to improved self-esteem and a sense of belonging for black students.
  • Cultural Understanding: Black teachers may have a deeper understanding of the cultural backgrounds and experiences of black students, allowing them to make connections and create a more inclusive learning environment.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to All The Defender Mother’s Out There!

  • A Prayer for Mothers

  • May 13-Catholic Education Week Assembly-1:45 pm
  • May 15-Track & Field
  • May 16-Welcome to Kindergarten Event
  • May 20-Victoria Day-No School
  • May 23- Intermediate Co-ed Soccer
  • May 28-Grade 6 EQAO Begins
  • May 31-PA Day
  • June 4-EQAO Begins-Grade 3
  • June 7-Mission Day
  • June 18-Co-Ed Soccer-Juniors
  • June 20-Year End Mass at Church
  • June 21- Grade 8 Graduation
  • June 24-Primary Play Day; Year End BBQ & Ice Cream Truck-5-7PM
  • June 28-PA Day